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Started by: Deep55 at November 18 2017

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Coeliac/IBS By: Deep55
November 18 2017
Dear Dr. Udaya,

I am male and 63 years old. I started having loose motions during early eighties. The motions were also triggered by anxiety/fear/excitement or whenever I have to go out. I took allopathic as well as homeopathic treatment but there was no relief. During the year 2008-09 I started having severe pain in my stomach/abdomen. One doctor diagnosed tuberculosis of intestine after colonoscopy and biopsy and he put me on anti-tuberculosis medicines. Although subsequently another doctor disagreed with the report. After taking anti-tuberculosis medicines for 7-8 months I started having obstruction of intestine for which I was operated in December 2009. The biopsy report indicated adenocarcinoma. After that I had undergone chemotherapy and radiotherapy. However, my problem still persisted.

During the year 2016 I realised that I am allergic to gluten and a number of other food items. After stopping these items I was feeling better and I started having formed stools although still sometimes I do get loose motions as it is a tough task to identify all the items. I also have anxiety/fear related motions. The food items which cause diarrhoea can broadly be classified in three categories – (i) Gluten and related items like wheat rye, mustard oil etc. (ii) Any items having even a slight laxative effect like guava, papaya, resin etc and (iii) pungent items like chilli any type, raw onion, ginger, garlic etc. There is a long list of items which do not suit me. The effects of the items which do not suit me are – different types of sounds in my stomach, feeling of hardness and pain at different points (pain is not continuous), inflammation, increase in quantity and frequency of stools and gradually looseness (from formed to semi-solid and then liquid) in stools. The stools are always very urgent and it is very difficult to hold them. I have again consulted few homeopathic doctors but there is no relief. I would be grateful to you if you could please advise me some medicines. Please also let me know whether I should get the medicines in liquid form or pills (in case of pills the size of pills) and how many drops of liquid or number pills would constitute one dose.

Thanks and Regards

Re:Coeliac/IBS By: shouse_nsk
November 19 2017
PL take
Dysentery Co-1m only one dose of 6 pills (or 3 drops in one teaspoon water at bed time (only one dose)
Next day : No medicines
Then start
1. Sulphur-30 6 pills or 3 drops in one teaspoon water twice a day for one week and then report back
R P Tamhankar

Re:Coeliac/IBS By: Deep55
November 20 2017
Thanks Tamhankar ji. I am arranging the medicines. I will report the feed back after taking the medicines.

Re:Coeliac/IBS By: Deep55
January 9 2019
Dear Udaya Kumar ji,
Please refer to my post dated 18th Nov. 2017 in which I had solicited your advice for my problem mentioned therein.
Your advice has helped many people to cure their chronic ailments and problems similar to my problem. I am quite hopeful that I would also benefit from your advice.
I may add in addition to my above post that during the past one year I had several long spells of loose motions and every time I had to eliminate some food item from my diet. Now I have eliminated all protein items and also potatoes and tomatoes (Google search revealed that potatoes and tomatoes contain glycoalkaloids which adversely affect intestinal permeability and aggravate inflammatory bowel disease). After eliminating these items my stools are formed and not loose and frequency has also reduced. Now it is only once a day. But now I am surviving only on very few vegetables, Rice and Poha. Elimination of proteins has resulted in weight loss and extreme weakness.
I would be grateful if you could advice me and suggest medicines for my problem.
Thanks & Regards

Re:Coeliac/IBS By: udaya kumar
January 11 2019
use following medicines in liquid form.....three drops in one ounce water three times a day. all medicines can go together in one ounce water other than that is specified periodically.
1. Psorinum 10 M single dose once at the start of the treatment. repeat after 1 month one more dose.
2. Pulsatilla 30C three times a day for three days.
3. Argentum Nitricum 30C three times a day for 3 days.
4. Nux Vomica 30C three times a day for three days.
5. Mercurious corrosivus 30C three times a day for three days.
6. Cardus M Q 5 drops in one ounce water three times a day for fifteen days.
8. Lycopodium 30C three times a day for one week.

You have other than adenocarcinoma the following issues 1. Cealiac factor/ulcerative colitis factors. The case is advanced and the ailment has travelled a long way. The Nux Vomica and Merc cor. are suggested to arrest the ulcerative colitis factor and have to be taken for longer periods. The Lycopodium and Cardus M are intended to fortify the liver /pancrease and other organs as well as against adenocarcinoma.and has to be used for longer periods. Psorinum and Pulsatilla are for gluten intolerance/celiac factor if any which are long overdue medicines and may work in arresting the progress of the ailment. Argentum nitricum is in view of the symptoms mentioned by you i.e. "" The motions were also triggered by anxiety/fear/excitement or whenever I have to go out."" Carduus and lyco are most important medicines because now ascite formation may happen in abdomen. These two medicines will help at various levels. Do not use any pain killers like morphine etc. Morphinum 1M in homeo can be used or Calcarea Carb 200/Colocynthis200/Belladonna 200./Dioscoria Q.Echinasia Q are other palliative pain relievers. best wishes.


Re:Coeliac/IBS By: Deep55
January 14 2019
Thanks a lot Udaya ji for your advice. I have already placed order of the medicines suggested by you and expecting delivery by today or tomorrow.

Please let me know what would be the best time to take Psorinum 10 M. Whether it would be morning empty stomach or bed time.

I may mention that I was having pain only before my operation and not after that i.e. December 2009. As such I have not taken any pain killer since December 2009.

I feel that initially my problem was not adenocarcinoma but gluten allergy and IBS. But since it was not diagnosed by any doctor for a long time and I continued eating items to which I am allergic it developed into adenocarcinoma due to continuous irritation of intestines due to eating of food items to which I am allergic. It must have also damaged and weakened my intestines.

After discontinuing protein, tomatoes (discontinued recently about a fortnight back) and other items to which I am allergic my condition is better. I am having formed stools once in a day and the stools are not urgent. My weight has stabilised and energy level is also better. Therefore I feel that there is some hope of recovery. I hope my condition will improve further after the medication.

Thanks once again and Regards

Re:Coeliac/IBS By: udaya kumar
January 15 2019
Good. The damages to the large intestine is within the scope of celiac /gluten non absorption and consequent ulcerative colitis or IBS as the case may be which may even lead towards Krohn's. The villi of the intestine gets flattened in these cases and adversely effects the diffusion/absorption or assimilation of the nutrients which becomes cause to further damages as cause becomes the cause to the effects and effects becomes the cause to the cause in a viscous cycle. The silver lining is that Carduus will give you a lot of benefits. Nux/Merc will arrest the loose stools and nourish the abdomen walls by fortifying the liver and other organs of the abdomen. Keep yourself strictly gluten free for the time being. best wishes.


Re:Coeliac/IBS By: Deep55
January 15 2019
Please advise the preferred time to take Psorinum 10 M. Whether morning empty stomach or bed time or during the day?

Thanks and Regards

Re:Coeliac/IBS By: udaya kumar
January 17 2019
It can be taken any time preferably in the day time before using any other medicines. Do not take food immediately before or after medicines.


Re:Coeliac/IBS By: Deep55
January 20 2019
Thanks Udaya ji.

I am having loose motion since last three days. Although frequency is only once a day. But it has caused weakness. I will take the dose of Psorinum once my stomach is normal and then report.

Re:Coeliac/IBS By: Deep55
May 27 2019
Dear Shri Udaya,

I was not able to take the medicines suggested by you (although I had purchased all the medicines) as I was hospitalised due to severe loose motions and weakness.

I consulted a homeopathic doctor locally. He got the gluten test (tTGA) and stool test done. The Gluten test was negative (2.67 Normal range <20). In stool test there was no mucus, no visible blood, no occult blood, no pus cells, no ova, no larva, no cysts etc. The Doctor prescribed some medicines. The names of medicines were not intimated to me.

Now my condition has little stabilised. But I feel that it is not because of medicines but because of restrictions in food. While taking the medicines also I had loose motions several times.

I have observed that I get loose motions if the food is not sufficiently cooked or hard and not soft. e.g. Rice, Poha, dal or vegetables, raw vegetables, sooji upma, biscuits etc. I also get loose motions from milk products (curd and buttermilk. Milk I don’t take) and also from items having laxative effect. Whenever I take these items there is soreness or wound type feeling in the abdominal area (around belly button) and loose motions. Now I am taking sufficiently cooked items although I am able to take very limited items (Rice, Arhar dal and some 5-6 vegetables) which are sufficiently cooked or boiled without any spices and sometimes with little salt. Now my condition has little stabilised. I am having formed stools (but soft) and once in 24 hrs since last one week. From today I have started the following medicines –
1. Pulsatilla 30C – three times daily
2. Argentum Nitricum 30C – three times daily
3. Nux Vomica 30C – three times daily
4. Merc. Cor 30C – three times daily
5. Lycopodium 30C – three times daily.

Please advise whether I need to take Psorinum 10M in view of the negative gluten test. Carduus M Q I have not yet started because I had taken this medicine earlier and it caused loosenes in my stools. I plan to take this medicine after few days. Please also advise if any other medicine needs to be taken in view of the tests and condition stated above.

Thanks & Regards

Re:Coeliac/IBS By: Deep55
May 29 2019
Dear Udaya ji,

Further to my post dated 27th May. I have taken the medicines for three days. I am feeling better and there are some positive changes. The frequency and softness of stools has reduced. The inflammation and soreness has also reduced. The stools are also not urgent. I have also started Carduus M. Q from yesterday.

You had advised to take Pulsatilla and Argentum Nitricum for three days and other medicines for longer periods. Please advise whether I should continue to take Pulsatilla and Argentum Nitricum? Please also advise whether I should take Psorinum 10M?

Thanks & Regards

Re:Coeliac/IBS By: Deep55
June 6 2019
Dear Udaya Kumar ji,

I have taken the medicines for ten days. There is continuous improvement in symptoms. The frequency is about 30 to 36 hrs. Inflammation and soreness is occasional. Stools are formed (but soft) and not urgent. I wish I had started the medicines earlier.

My condition in January was very bad. It was an emergency situation. My weight was reduced from 64 Kgs to 51 Kgs. Now it has stabilised at 55 Kgs. I am still on a very restricted diet (Only rice, arhar dal and five vegetables). No ghee/oil, salt and masale and no milk products. I tried just one spoon curd day before yesterday and I had loose motion next day and soreness and feeling of motion for several hours. That is what generally happens whenever I take curd or buttermilk. With the treatment I hope that I would be able to add more items to my diet. Weakness is still there.

I have not yet taken Psorinum 10M for which I am waiting for your advice. I have discontinued Argentum nitricum from today. Please advice whether I should continue Pulsatilla?

I am very much thankful and obliged for your kind advice.


Re:Coeliac/IBS By: udaya kumar
June 23 2019
yes you can take psorinum 10M followed by Pulsatilla 30C for three days. report.


Re:Coeliac/IBS By: Deep55
September 6 2019
Thanks Udaya ji for your advice.

I am not yet able to take Psorinum as I again started having loose motions. The loose motions started after I started adding food items in my diet. The loose motions also caused too much weakness. Now I am gradually recovering.

I hope that after I take Psorinum I would be able to take more food items without any adverse effect. I will report after I take Psorinum. I hope Psorinum would not cause any aggravation as now even a single loose motion causes too much weakness and I am staying alone and there is no one to help me.

In the meanwhile I am continuing other medicines which are definitely helping me in relieving other symptoms.

Thanks & Regards

Re:Coeliac/IBS By: 2tuff
September 8 2019
Drink 250ml of MILK KEFIR twice daily and these issues should soon disappear.

Re:Coeliac/IBS By: Deep55
September 9 2019
Thanks for your suggestion.

Milk Kefir contains milk and the milk products (including curd and butter milk) also don't suit me and cause loose motions. So I don't know whether Milk Kefir will suit me. But I will definitely try. Initially I will take little quantity. If it suits me then I will take it in the quantities suggested by you.

Re:Coeliac/IBS By: 2tuff
September 10 2019
Well if you cannot take milk kefir then use Water Kefir. If your lactose intolerate then fermented kefir eats the lactose so the longer it's fermented the better. Kefir is the daddy against this problem.

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