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Tick bite
Started by: izhome at November 14 2017

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Tick bite By: izhome
November 14 2017
Dear Udaya,
my son went to a sleep-over birthday party from Saturday to Sunday at a farm. The kids played football in the fields and he must have picked up a tick then. This is not so much expected in the Fall and so I completely forgot to check him for ticks yesterday upon his return. I feel bad about that. He spotted it today when he got ready for a bath. It was attached to his right shoulder and sucking blood. We assume it was attached for about 48 hours. We removed it but couldn't get the whole thing out. Unfortunately there is a high risk of Lyme disease from ticks in our area.
I gave him Ledum 1M right after taking the tick out. There is a lot of different information online about homeopathic protocols after a tick bite. So I am unsure what to do next. I am leaning towards more Ledum in C200 potency and maybe Silica C30 to get the rest of the tick out (I read that the teeth get stuck sometimes).

Please let me know what your recommendation is.

Many thanks!

Re:Tick bite By: udaya kumar
November 14 2017
Use Borrelia Burgdorferi Noaode 30C one dose a day for three days repeat it at intervals....Use Tellurium 30C and Sepia 30C according to symptoms...Also use Causticum 30C three times a day as preventive to entering second stage. Should the beak remain in the skin, scrape it off or remove surgically and tincture or iodine or ledum pal Mother tincture may be applied locally. Silicea may be beneficial in removing the foreign body at 200C single dose.... best wishes.


Re:Tick bite By: 2tuff
November 14 2017
Yes utilize the Borrelia Burgdorferi 30c three days per week for up to seven weeks.

Re:Tick bite By: izhome
November 14 2017
Thank you Udaya and 2tuff. I don't have those remedies at hand and will order them. It will take 3 days or so to receive them.

Since I didn't have the Silicea C200 I gave him Silicea tissue salts 6X this morning and will do that twice more when he gets home from school. I feel I need to do something while waiting for the remedies.

He has heard a lot about Lymes from a classmate who has it and has oberved her when she had symptoms like stomach aches and head aches and tiredness. So this morning after breakfast he said "I think my stomach doesn't feel so good" then about 5 minutes later "My stomach is ok but I think I have a headache now". I gave him some water with added vitamin C to drink for the head I explained. Clearly he is worried about it. Is there a tissue salt or a remedy that can help him with peace of mind?
Thank you again.

Re:Tick bite By: 2tuff
November 15 2017
Take a look at the Bob Beck Protocol as well as doing the homoeopathic work.


Re:Tick bite By: Pat2011
November 15 2017
Thanks, 2tuff. Excellent videos on this link. A lot of tools out there I didn't know existed. Interesting to hear medical doctors talk about canabis oil as antibiotic for lyme. Shocking to find out Lyme disease is a huge problem.

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