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Cat is sneezing, very congested
Started by: Denise at November 6 2017

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Cat is sneezing, very congested By: Denise
November 6 2017
Hi everyone!

Does anyone know of a remedy that will help my cat. She us 8 yrs old and sneezes at night. She cannot breathe. Very stuffed up. She has had upper respiratory infections before. Last time she had been treated with anti biotics before. Her eyes are watering, but her nose is not runny yet. Thank you so much


Re:Cat is sneezing, very congested By: Pat2011
November 6 2017
My cat used to have constant upper respiratory infections until I gave him Upper Respiratory combination remedies made my Celletech and he never again got an URI. I understand that it is common for cats to get them .

Re:Cat is sneezing, very congested By: udaya kumar
November 6 2017
one dose Rhus Tox 200C followed by Gelsemium 30C three times a day for one day only.


Re:Cat is sneezing, very congested By: Denise
November 7 2017

Thanks for the response. How do you administer pills to a cat? Should I succuss the remedies?

Thanks again

Re:Cat is sneezing, very congested By: Pat2011
November 7 2017
I add 2 pellets to 8 oz of water and give some to the cat with a dropper or syringe. I usually don't success Rhus Tox 200. The 30c potencies I success 50 times and give only once.

Re:Cat is sneezing, very congested By: 2tuff
November 8 2017
Cat's shouldn't be given homoeopathic pellets and pills as these are based around sugars (glucose and lactose) and one shouldn't give sugars to cats. These animals are strict meat eaters (apart from when they go into herbalism for health problems like needing to purge) and should stick to real meats for food but unfortunately today the so-called cat foods get tainted with all sorts of nonsense and poisons including soy fillers etc. So what's the answer? You always get fluid homoeopathic and tissue salt remedies for your cats and then use a second or external dropper bottle(s) to prepare the remedies ready for administration. Why a second dropper bottle? Well there's alcohol in fluid remedies and a cat should not have alcohol otherwise they'll foam at the mouth and drool like a rabid dog whilst damaging their liver. So what we do is place two to three drops of homoeopathic remedy into a 30ml (thirty millilitre) bottle of clean water. Now we administer this new solution to our cats usually with just one of two full droppers at one time and it's best to do just one dropper as cats don't usually drink a lot of water (they should get most their needs from their food). That's my input on this and I think it's a far more logical one. Cats are very delicate when dealing with medicines and foods they're not dustbins etc like dogs.

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