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thin body dr udaya
Started by: student at November 5 2017

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thin body dr udaya By: student
November 5 2017
a girl age 8 years height is normal or can say good height but very body is thin her mother says she should habe good muscle tones and looks good health but not fat . what should mother follow or what medicine require for good muscular and bones health for child she said when the girl was 3to five years old they used homeo medicine for teething problem 21 no biochemic. she is ok eats normal or less normal sometimes but she has low tone what you suggest dr udaya

Re:thin body dr udaya By: shouse_nsk
November 6 2017
Pl give her
1. Ferrum Phis-12x+Calc Phos-12x (2+2) pallets twice a day
2. Hydrastis-Q 5 drops twice a day in one teaspoon water
Pl give this treatment for 15 days and then give feedback
RP Tamhankar

Re:thin body dr udaya By: student
November 6 2017
she have been adminsterd for both ferrum phos and calcium phos both in 6x form at age of five often for 5 to six month often mean sometimes taken one deose per day sometimes two doses per day in tablet biochemic form .
but now she is growing. she eats home food and sometimes in a week one sweet or somtimes biscuit but in less quantity

Re:thin body dr udaya By: udaya kumar
November 6 2017
Phosphorus 30C three times a day for one week and repeat at regular intervals. Use also Calcarea Phos 6X as bio chemic supplement.


Re:thin body dr udaya By: student
November 7 2017
thank for both Rp tamhankar and udya i really appreciate your prompt reply i am going to start the medicine

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