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Blood in stool
Started by: fn68 at September 11 2017

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Blood in stool By: fn68
September 11 2017
Dear Dr. Udaya,

I had stroke in Aug 2015. I was prescribed blood thinners along with other medicines. I took the blood thinners only for four months, with a gap of two months in between.

From Oct 2016 i started to feel pressure on left whole arm after eating and feeling as if esophagus is swollen. Endoscopy revealed peptic ulcers gastritis and inflammation. I was taking medicines Ganaton OD 150mg, Mebever MR 200mg, Zopent/Eskem 40mg, Libs Probiotic, Librax, and now addition of Seradep 5mg.

Stool was fully mucus.

But around 4 months ago i became all right. Stool was healthy. So i stopped taking the medicines. No pressure on left arm. No feeling of swelled esophagus.

But soon all the symptoms started, worse than before. Stools are bloody. Sometimes much blood. Mucus.

Aprox once a day i feel a strong thumping in center of chest for around 6 to 7 seconds.

Any small place in body can start to vibrate from inside it happens aprox 2 to 3 times a day for aprox 10 seconds.

I also have chronic migraine since as long as i can remember. I have confusion and indecisiveness problems too. My mind remains confused and there is heavy traffic of thoughts and very bad concentration. Very very weak will power too. Sometimes pain in right knee joint. Sometimes both Lymph nodes behind neck swell, especially the one on the left side.

I have lived a very stressful life. I was in depression and had panic attacks and severe anxiety but now i feel better. I mean there is still lot of stress but i don't feel panic and anxiety as strong as before and depression is also less or gone now.

This time i have been prescribed Ganaton OD 150 mg 1+0+0, Zopent 40mg 1+0+1, Colofac 1+0+1, Seradep 5mg 0+0+1, and i'm also continuing with probiotic Libs (10 billion bacteria per capsule) because i still have some left. I am also taking Nux Vomica 200 in evening and Milifolium 30 three times a day.

I was also using herbal medicines for sexual strength.

Please advise. Thank you.

Re:Blood in stool By: fn68
September 11 2017
p.s. According to the hospital the CT Scan after stroke did not reveal any abnormality or blockage. They said one possibility for this can be that sometimes it takes more than 24 hours for the hyperactivity to clear up only then it is more clearly visible.

Re:Blood in stool By: fn68
September 11 2017
During the stroke in August 2015 i had been vomiting continuously for approximately 12 to 18 hours. I was in ICU for the day then shifted to stroke ward.

Re:Blood in stool By: udaya kumar
September 11 2017
Have you ever been in the habit or happen to use Morphine? or other drugs? or alcohol? Was there any cramping in the abdomen any time? You probably started with Amoebiasis with or without H Pylori...turning it into peptic or duodenal ulcer going up oesophagus causing swelling on the neck which otherwise should have been tested for TB. Also follows gastritis and esophagitis. The medicine you are taking also covers colitis. You need to stop all the medicines and use the following :
1. Medorrhinum 1M single dose one two granules or two drops in one ounce water once only. No other medicines on that day.
2. Merc Sol 30C three times a day for one day Report.
\3. Nux Vomica 6C
Anacardium 3X
Ipec 3X
4. Hydrastis 30C three times a day for three days

Combination three times a day for three days. Continue Ipec for longer periods.

Use Arnica 30C as blood purfier and stop blood thinners....Arnica will take care of heart and stroke and pressure. There is a deficiency of Vitamin B12 D3 which may be checked and appropriate medicines taken....the deficiency is due to non assimilation and non assimilation is due deficiency which is a chain action.


Re:Blood in stool By: fn68
September 12 2017
Thank you sir! I stopped taking blood thinners long time ago.

How to diagnose or check Vitamin B12 and D3 deficiency and which medicine to take if there is deficiency? Is there any test for that?

Sorry for my ignorance but granule means tablet? Because as far as i know these medicines are supplied either in liquid or in tablet form. So if i can find in tablet form i should take two tablets of Medorrhinum 1M and if in liquid than two drops in one ounce of water?

All these medicines should be taken before meals, on empty stomach, with water?

In your point number 3 you mean i should mix them together then take?

Also, please advise about a medicine someone gave me today. It's called Piles-X powder, contains Paeonia 200, Ratanhia 200, Hamamelis 200, Aloe Socotrina 200, Collinsonia 200, Calc. Flr. 200, Lactose. They told me i have to take one dose a day for three days.

Thank you sir!

Re:Blood in stool By: fn68
September 12 2017
No i never used morphine or any drugs nor was in habit of alcohol and no cramping either as much as i can remember. H. Pylori test was negative.

I lived abroad and had to undergo many tests including TB and all were negative.

So do i have ulcerative colitis or piles? I don't have any pain anywhere. Main issue now is the blood.

Re:Blood in stool By: fn68
September 12 2017
Please advise Arnica 30 dosage. How many times a day for how many days?

Somebody advised Arnica 10M 2-3 drops single dose.

Re:Blood in stool By: fn68
September 12 2017
In your point numbers 2, 3 and 4 please mention the number of drops or number of tablets i should take in or with water before or after meals. Thank you Sir.

Re:Blood in stool By: udaya kumar
September 12 2017
A tablet is a compressed solid slab usually round in shape whereas a granule is spherical in shape or a round grain. Homeopathic medicines are usually in liquid form or granular form....the tablet form is mostly biochemic medicines or lower potencies....You may buy liquid form so that there is no confusion.....two to five drops in one ounce water should constitute a dose for you. You can take before or after meals but not very close to the meals. Do not touch medicine with bare hands use the droppers.

The question about drugs and alcohol was asked due to the specific symptom of vibration in the stomach...since you have ruled it out, it could be ascribed to D3 or B12 deficiency or non assimilation. The test can be done in a lab as blood test or urine litmus test. D3 has to be specified and not D. You need not take higher potencies of Arnica.use it at 30C or 6C.

Point three the medicines can be mixed in same glass of water or can be taken one after the other.....Since there is mucus I do not think it is a case of piles but of gastric/peptic/Amoebic ulcer. The medicines comination mentioned by you are good for piles/fissures...for that you should be having burning/splinters of glass like feeling in rectum/ heavy bleadings/ physical presence of piles outside the anus/ or haemorrhoids felt inside the rectum. You can get this confirmed from a doctor and may take the combination if you want to try that.


Re:Blood in stool By: fn68
September 13 2017
Thank you very much sir.

Vibrations is not in stomach area but various parts of body. Aprox 1-3 times a day, lasts aprox 10 seconds. On some days there is none.

Re:Blood in stool By: udaya kumar
September 13 2017
If it is on various parts of the body it can not be described as virbration but it must be twitching.....twitching is mostly due to weak muscles and weak muscles can have serious underlying causes also.


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