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Ignavia aggravation in my mother
Started by: saltoftheearth at September 11 2017

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Ignavia aggravation in my mother By: saltoftheearth
September 11 2017
My homeopath moved to New Zealand, and my mother will not consent to a consultation anyway, so I'm left with the difficult job of trying to treat her myself. Obviously this is very scary for me, but I feel like there is no other choice. After extensive research for over twelve years, I feel like she is constitutionally merc. The issue we're having these last few years is that she has completely lost the ability to create new memories. She has an Alzheimer's diagnosis from one doctor, but we have had her reevaluated through the top U.S. program because she does not present as such. She has absolutely zero short-term memory -- not even for 30 seconds most of the time. However, she has retained most of her other memories (although some are starting to get transposed or even forgotten/made up), as well as her ability to do almost everything else. She can dress, bathe, read, think deeply, understand humor, etc... The doctors at the university believe she does not actually have Alzheimer's, but of course they don't know what she has. Because she is not able to make new memories, she rarely bathes or washes her hair, and her anxiety and paranoia is through the roof. She is operating according to old programs from an earlier time in her relationships, and so she's alternates between extreme happiness, and being angry and judgmental. She does not realize she has a problem at all, and the most problematic issue for us is that her mother died last year, but Mom keeps trying to call and see her, and then gets very angry that we've all lied to her about her mother's passing.

Back to the issue with the remedies. I originally treated her a few weeks ago with Merc. sol, 200c. I intended to be gentler and dose using a 30c, but accidentally offered the 200 so was hoping it was divine guidance. That night she slept hard, so I was optimistic. The next morning seemed positive, but she went back to her regular progression for the rest of the day. I waited it out for about two weeks, but felt like I probably did not choose correctly, which was very disappointing because I felt so strongly that it was perfectly suited to her. It occurred to me that perhaps there was a grief layer since her mother had died last year, and interestingly enough, Ignatia was a top remedy I was considering for her constitutionally anyway. I chose to give her a single dry dose of 1m, with the understanding from many sources that, with ignatia, you only do a single dose of 1m and that's it. Ever since then (six days ago) she's been in rare form. Rude, judgmental, scornful...sighing and complaining all the time...these are definitely old symptoms of hers that we've been seeing over the last few years, but because of the memory issues they were quite mild compared to the past. And now they're back all day, every day.

Could this be an aggravation? Is it more likely I made a mistake? Do I hang on with the ignatia for the time being? Should I try to minimize the aggravation with a water dose of the same potency? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Re:Ignavia aggravation in my mother By: 2tuff
September 11 2017
Any sign of aggravation simple do a quadruple dilution of the original remedy and this will nicely buffer down the remedy and still continue any healing actions without cutting off such actions like anti-doting would do.

Try her on some daily use of Virgin Coconut Oil for her condition of the mind as well as; Calc Fluor 12x, Ferrum Phos 12x, Mag Phos 6x, Nat Mur 6x, Nat Phos 6x.

Re:Ignavia aggravation in my mother By: lal_anar
September 11 2017
many people develop fear after taking or giving 1M potency, that its harmful.

the fact is 6c potency has more chances to cause aggravations rather 1M.

Did u harm your mother by giving 1M potency of Ignatia?

the answer is NO.

You have not harm at all and any symptoms you see, is more from your own worries i.e WHY I GAVE 1M?

Ignatia is very good remedy especially from the issues arising from GRIEF

Its works most of the time on acute cases rather Chronic.

The Chronic of Ignatia is Nat Nur.

Give her few doses of Nat Mur either 30 C or 200 C for few days to complement Ignatia.

Complementary meds removes aggravations, antidote the previous remedy at same time takes the job which was unfinished by previous remedy.

U need following meds for life for your mother and use time alternately

Please note any remedy you give, try to give at bed time, last remedy before sleep with clean mouth. Have patient rinse the mouth with water if you can. Also, make sure there is gap of atleast 30 min if patient takes any other med or eat something before you give the remedy

Arnica 1M every two weeks ( bed time )

Alumina Silicata ( 1M ) every 2 month

Cell Salts mentioned above by 2tuff.

Add Silicea 12x also in the list mentioned by 2tuff.
Cells can be taken daily.


Re:Ignavia aggravation in my mother By: saltoftheearth
September 11 2017
Wow! Thank you! I've been so stressed about this! 2tuff, when you are talking about a quad-dilution, do you prefer to do a tsp. cup-to-cup, or are you only refilling the cup with water each time? lal_anar, I feel like the grief is more acute, rather than chronic. Even though my grandmother died last year, my mother experiences it as new each day. How do you feel about this? Would you still recommend nat mur?

Re:Ignavia aggravation in my mother By: lal_anar
September 12 2017
Yes, Nat Mur the first remedy for grief

Re:Ignavia aggravation in my mother By: 2tuff
September 12 2017
Use four cups of 250ml water in each. Place the same amount of remedy in cup one mix then place a teaspoon of this into cup 2 and mix then place a teaspoon of cup 2 into cup 3 and mix then place a teaspoon of cup 3 into cup 4 and mix then ingest a teaspoon of this cup 4 solution. Always use china, plastic or gas cups and utensils for mixing never metals. Always use new utensils for each cup mix, never the same as this affects the dilution.

Re:Ignavia aggravation in my mother By: saltoftheearth
September 12 2017
Excellent. That's how I was taught, but I've been reading a lot about doing 12, 24, 36 "dilutions" by simply emptying the cup and refilling. It sounds like you'd need to use tap water for that, and I would never want to do it with all the impurities and chlorine but using filtered water would get expensive!

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