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Sinus with nose drip (Dr. Uday Please help)
Started by: SM24 at September 7 2017

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Sinus with nose drip (Dr. Uday Please help) By: SM24
September 7 2017
Dr Uday.


I am male 36 years old, facing acute cold, with water dripping from nose drop by drop (not continuously).Is this a normal sign ?

I have a history of sinusitis and was advised sinus

puncture, which I did not do, and was getting myself

treated from a local homeopath 15 years back, after which the situation never aggravated till then.

From last few months i am observing, I sneeze a few times

whenever I go to the vegetable market.(can be some allergy)

And last 6 months back I had joined swimming classes, where the water used to go in my mouth, stomach and nose and I used to catch cold easily.

That time I noticed water drops dripping from my nose for 2 days. I took allopathy medicines ( like levocetrizine or sinarest) and I was ok and stopped the swimming classes.

now after 6 months, I got the same cold, as I had few cold drinks last week and used an ayurvedic hair oil for hair loss.

The water drops dripping started again from yesterday. sneezing is there, slight throat infection, and head is heavy,

I am taking steam regularly, but water still keeps dripping if I'm upright or bend my head forward.(but not continuously)

I am afraid now, hoping this is water dripping to be normal and effect of only sinusitis or infection and not brain fluid leakage.

Please guide, and prescribe me a best treatment which will treat my problem, allergy and sinusitis from the root

Thank you in advance.

Re:Sinus with nose drip (Dr. Uday Please help) By: SM24
September 7 2017
I just forgot to mention, there is heaviness in the area of my eyes and slight pain near and over the eyes.

also last few days whenever I get up early in the morning for passing urine, I used to have a headache and needed to apply some balm on the forehead and then sleep again.

Thank you Sir....

Re:Sinus with nose drip (Dr. Uday Please help) By: udaya kumar
September 7 2017
use the following medicines :

1. Nux Vomica 30C three times a day for one day.
no other medicines on that day.
Next day
2. Use one single dose of Natrum Muriaticum 200C once only....No other medicines on that day.

If it does not yield use Natrum Mur 200C single dose every day one dose for three days. Best wishes.


Re:Sinus with nose drip (Dr. Uday Please help) By: SM24
September 8 2017
Dear Dr.Uday,

Thank you so much for being there whenever needed, and I really mean it.

Coming to an update,
when I saw your reply my local pharmacy was already closed, so couldn't go with your prescription immediately.

Yesterday night I was feeling terrible with slight cold and shivering, so had to see a allopath doctor urgently.

he said it was viral, and gave me an injection, I didnt ask what injection.

Tablets :
1. Cepodem 200 (Cefpodoxime )
2. Levozet M ( Levocetirizine 5mg + Montelukast 10mg)

2 times X 3 days course

I am feeling better with a single dose which i took at night and the water discharge is kind of dried up inside. No more

nasal water drip/discharge from the nose now. but i expell some mucus through mouth.

There is also pain over my body, I dont know how to explain, but its like cold has got over several parts of my body and it pains, especially shoulder, upper back, neck etc.....

Also I cannot sit or sleep in AC even in the summer, next day immediately I get cold....

I want to get rid of all this allergy, sinusitus and nasal drip problem permanently,

In few days I also want to join my swimming classes too.

Please let me know if I should go ahead with your prescribed medicines or is there any change you wish to make after this


and should I take this along with the allopathy or wait till the course is done, or should I stop the allopathy course.

Thank you once again for standing with me in my pain and trouble....

God bless you.....

Re:Sinus with nose drip (Dr. Uday Please help) By: udaya kumar
September 8 2017
I find some contradiction in what the doctor said and what the doctor gave. """"he said it was viral:::: and he gave you Cepodem which work only in Bacterial infection...""""?
Levozet contains Levozetrizine which is an antihistamine meant for annual so called allergic conditions......
You may use the following medicines considering the body pain
1. Rhus Tox 1M single dose. once,.
2. Gelsemium 30C three times a day for three days.
3. Eupetorium Perfolatum 200C one dose a day for three days.
The medicines can go with allopathic medicines and can be used one after the other .....

The earlier suggestions have to be used for longer term benefits with Arsenic Album 200C.


Re:Sinus with nose drip (Dr. Uday Please help) By: SM24
September 9 2017
Thank you once again Dr. Uday,

As you said rightly there could be a contradiction, as the doctor said in general that the viral is going on, to which I assumed my case in that.

but the medicine gave me a relief from my nose drip.
I was more worried about the leakage of brain fluid (CSF Leak)

I just want to ask you ,

1 . Is there a need to worry ? can it be due to sinus infection ?

2. the medicines you prescribed me, I will take the recent prescription

3. And for long term to get rid of my problems from the root, I will list down my problems in my next post, instead of coming with one or two each time, so that it will be easy for you to diagnose the symptoms and advice me accordingly with the medicines.

Thank you once again.
God bless you.....

Re:Sinus with nose drip (Dr. Uday Please help) By: udaya kumar
September 9 2017
There is no need to worry even if it is the Cerebrospinal Fluid leaking......!! Why I say is that when we are dealing with Hydrocephalus,and when we administer Hedera Helix for that malady, single dose, next day morning clear fluid flows and the ailment is corrected to normalcy......So it must be understood that the actual fluid will not flow hither thither, it is only excess fluid collected here and there that would flow out of the nostrils as per natural process.....Anything naturally excreted from the body should be understood as healthy process.

In sinus infection flow may not be watery but if sinus infection is being addressed, it can be watery......when there is an infection there is always a thickening of the fluids, whereas curative process is never stagnant and therefore thin and watery to flush out the germs and debris......Avoid going out in the night or in rain......depending on where you are..


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