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Started by: Tina Musa at January 6 2007

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Chalazion By: Tina Musa
January 6 2007
I have had a chalazion on my left eye for the last three years. I had gone to see my doctor and she at time said it was blockage of some glands in my eyelid and that is why I had this. It starterd off with a small bump and now it is about a size of pea. In the last two months I noticed that I started getting similar symptoms on my right eye. At the moment when I get up in the morning it is so big and it would seem that it would pop any minute. I have tried warm compresses, washing with antibacterial soap nothing seems to help. It looks unsightly. I went to see my doctor again last week and she has referred me to an ophthamologist for excision. I am going to get it done in two weeks time. I heard that this may come back. Since I am in ontario and it is considered a cosmetic treatment, I am a little worried if it comes back, how many times will I have to get a surgery done to get it removed permanently. What is the cause of this problem. Is it poor hygiene or is it a diet? Never had this problem before in my 45 years age. Please help.


Re: Chalazion By: sajjadakram
January 7 2007
Staphysagria 6c.
Thuja occidentalis 6c.
Alternate three pallets thrice daily till you are free from this complaint.


Re: Chalazion By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
January 7 2007
Many years ago, I too was a fellow sufferer and have had about 4 separate encounters with an Opthalmic surgeon to have them excised. This procedure is not so painful and you are advised to have it done in the case of your own chalazion which you have carried for the last 3 years.

It was when my chalazions which start as a sty on one or the other eyelid keep on recurring that I was seriously concerned as to how to end this menace that was affecting my life. It was only when I started on my daily dose of Arnica 30c which I now take in the wet dose, that I discovered that my styes were not recurring any more. I then stopped taking Arnica for a few months and discovered that my styes were back. It would therefore be logical to presume that my styes which would invariably end up as chalazions, were prevented in doing so by the Arnica 30 which I have taken for the last 11 years nightly.

The wet dose of any remedy is made by inserting 3 pellets of the remedy into a 500ml bottle of spring water which you can get from a supermarket. You pour out about an inch from the top of the bottle to leave some space for air. You shake the bottle hard to produce bubbles and this is now your remedy. The dosage that you can take at the start for about a month is a teaspoonful twice daily. After this period you can take a teaspoonful just before you sleep which is what I do today. It is understood that you will shake (succuss) the bottle hard before you sip the teaspoonful which is the dose.

Please report progress in a month after you have excised your chalazion and you can commence the therapy ASAP while awaiting surgery.

Re: Chalazion By: gavinimurthy
January 8 2007

Re: Chalazion By: gavinimurthy
January 8 2007
Deleted again because we will not permit you to perpetrate your antics on this Forum, as you do on the ABC.

Re: Chalazion By: gavinimurthy
January 9 2007
Deleted again.

Food for thought:

"Egotism is the anesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity."

Frank Leahy

Re: Chalazion By: gavinimurthy
January 9 2007

Re: Chalazion By: girilal
New Jersey USA
January 10 2007
Dear Murthy

Nobody won at ABC. Please let's not start it here. Let this site be "Give some thing and take something".

There is truth in everything and everything can be proved false.


Re: Chalazion By: gavinimurthy
January 10 2007
Hi Kuldeep

What is wrong in telling follow Sajjad's prescription? Why should it be deleted time and again?

If you don't want me to post here, say it plainly. I will call it quits.


Re: Chalazion By: girilal
New Jersey USA
January 11 2007
Person who was offended, might have deleted your posts. Currently we have no provision to know who. Please let's not target anybody and let not any deletion be happen.

Some people have some privilages here because to run this site requires considerable resourses and in order to survive we walk together.


Re: Chalazion By: carorules
August 9 2007
Hi Joe

I am currently using Arnica in the wet dose like you suggest and I have seen some improvment. I am not free of an old chalazion I have and I still have little ones from time to time but those go away quickly and they are less frequent than before.

Thanks for the advice. Any idea if there is a way to get rid of an old one. The ophtalmologist I saw said it was too small to remove it surgically. It still makes my lid swollen..

Also, I was wondering if you kept your bottle with Arnica in the fridge? I keep mine on my desk but lately it's been warm and after a few days, the water starts to smell and taste funny.. is it normal?

I am looking forward to read from you soon.

- Caroline

Re: Chalazion By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
August 9 2007
The posts at the beginning of this thread will give you more information on the treatment of Chalazions and you will see that Sajjad has prescribed Satphysagria and Thuja both of which will work. My post immediately below his gives you my own history and I had no alternative but to have them excised surgically.

Frequent fomentation with a warm towel will also help to soften the old Chalazion.

My Arnica therapy will ensure that Styes which sometimes turn into Chalazions do not occur and you will read full details of the method of making the wet dose of Arnica. You can use either the 30c or the 6c potency and start with the 6c.

If you observe that the water tends to develop some taste, you are advised to get a new 500ml bottle of water and make a new remedy and keep it in the fridge. It is best to put a sticker on the bottle indicating that it is not for general consumption as a bottle of water in the fridge will invariably be mistaken as water for drinking and will be emptied sooner or later. In any event this will not cause any harm even if it is drunk by anyone.

Re:Chalazion By: AsepticDude
January 16 2011
I had a chalazion for 3 months, finally went away, used this site


Re:Chalazion By: AsepticDude
January 31 2011
hope it helps

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