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Ferrum from Pineapple
Started by: baljeet at January 26 2007

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Ferrum from Pineapple By: baljeet
January 26 2007
Pineapple grows in the soils rich in ferrum. Even after the plant grows in pure iron ore, it gets iron starved and starts dying so it must be fertalized by Ferrum Sulphate.

If you drink stale or stored pineapple juice, it tastes like Iron syryp because it has lots of iron.

Re: Ferrum from Pineapple By: girilal
New Jersey USA
January 26 2007
Thanks, yes as far as I remember is that pineapple always grown in red soil rich in iron. I never knew that even it grows in the iron, it still starves iron. Wonderful news.


Re: Ferrum from Pineapple By: MAX VARMA
New Delhi and Vancouver
January 27 2007
Very Good.
South India...one gets lot of Pineapple ...in Italy it is called Annanas....


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Re: Ferrum from Pineapple By: baljeet
January 27 2007
Another thing to notice is that plant just dies when soil shows zinc deficiency. It contains zinc too.

Re: Ferrum from Pineapple By: girilal
New Jersey USA
January 27 2007
There is a saying in Hawaii: One must eat a pineapple at right time.

This means if you delay your eating pineapple, it goes bitter because iron compounds react and oxidization takes place.


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