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Not sleeping
Started by: balasundar at May 20 2010

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Not sleeping By: balasundar
May 20 2010
Namaskar Dr.Udaya

My brother aged about 23 ,sleeps for only two hours in night.he is studying engineering and do not show any interest in normal activities.He is not eating well also.He does not have any diseases,

Please advise.

Re:Not sleeping By: udaya kumar
May 21 2010
Namaskar Balasunderji,
I think it is enough to give him Nux Vomica 30 three times a day once in a week. If his mind is hyperactive he may use Coffea Cruda 30 three times a day for one day. If the days problems are stopping him from sleeping use Bryonia 30. If he has any other nagging problems other than studies related with females etc. give him Staphisagria 30 three doses for one day. Use Alfalfa Q 5 drops in one ounce water to improve digestion and appetite. Use it upto one week only. with best wishes.


Re:Not sleeping By: girilal
New Jersey USA
May 22 2010
Does he realize any problem in his this pattern?


Re:Not sleeping By: balasundar
June 15 2010

My brother has shown lot of improvement.He is sleeping fine.His diet intake has also has improved.Can i ask him to take medicines again for a week?

Re:Not sleeping By: balasundar
June 15 2010
Namaskar Ji

I have general question related to spiritual and homeopathi.As per Hinduism,the final goal of man is to attain Gnana through meditation which is by raising Kundalaini through seven chakaras.I have read from books that Kundalini is very powerful and when it reaches top chakra,one attains Gnana.In this case,Since Kundalini is very powerful,will it not affect the nerves and brain cells inducing very strong electric discharge when it reaches final chakra which is on head? Will it lead to epillepsy or some other nerves diseases? I have heard stories that many people have become mad in old ages while trying to raise kundalini and not able to withstand its power ?

Does Homeopathi has specific medinces for this kind of issues?


Re:Not sleeping By: shuddha
June 15 2010
Dear Balasundar,

I am not Udayakumar, the master. Since the Yoga subject has come in your question I am posting a reply. I am Udaya's admirer.

Kundalini has many facets to understand. It is not possible to completely cover the topic, even in a single book. There are great books written by Spiritual Leaders who have attained the goal of human life and also by many thinkers, on this subject.

From the perspective of your question, I being a person practising Yoga taught by a great Master, I am giving very small amount of details. Kundalini is a very small thread like thing which has never been detected by any operation of postmartem. Again the chakras are also of the same type.

Basically, it is the consciousness which travels on the middle path (called Sushmna in Yoga and vedas). Initially the consciousness builds the human frame travelling from the lowest sensation of simple consciousness of solid things, which is Mooladhara. Then it goes up (usage of UP is logical) to flowing and fire consciousness. This completes the raw human consciousness, unrefined. This is just sufficient to lead a human life. What is left if its travel up, to emotional Love, higher, and knowledge and transcending everything to reach the ultimate stage where the individuality dissolves in Universality, going beyond perishable and changeable concepts and reaching the unchanging and witnessing reality.

Of course there are many exercises in Yoga which force the upward travel of Kundalini. It is just like throwing a ball or some other article in the sky. It has to return, willy nilly. It is not like a rocket propelled properly to the heights whence it cannot return without voluntary efforts. The former is like trying to raise Kundalini without mind getting detached from the sense objects. The gravitational pull (here sensual objects attraction ) is so high that any amount of effort would be futile, the return is certain. The later is like practising Yoga with full knowledge of the futility of sensual pleasures and their transient nature. Here the gravitational pull (or sensual desires) are so weak that the consciousness reaches dizzy heights, and the Real Bliss there overtakes and the mind, which was always been hunting for the happiness, finds the ultimate happiness not known till then and dissolves in the True happiness and never returns back to sensual pleasures. At that time and thereafter, sensual enjoyment seems like tasting a chocolate after eating a kg of sugar. Hardly ever it would be relishable. The bodily life continues, but the motive changes. The individual lives for the real good of others, trying to get them the same bliss he enjoys, or precisely which he has become, irrespective of his bodily presence or otherwise.

So the answer to your question is obvious. There is a risk of raising Kundalini without the guidance of a capable master. Insanity is not the only outcome. There are many danger awaiting such a person. Only a Guru, who has already attained these stages and who has become the Ultimate Truth, can guide the sadhak to safe transition.


Re:Not sleeping By: udaya kumar
June 15 2010
.There are prescribed methods to arouse the kundalini and a Guru is the only proper one who knows all the dangers from attempting it, how to avoid it and or how to reverse it. . One should not be attempting it without a proper Guru or Master. Many of the dangers attached to it are irreversible.

In homeopathy I have experienced that there are some medicines which can help in deactivating minor chakras (energy centres) according to symptoms if they get activated by mistake. But to address major errors through homeopathy may not be possible unless the person is extremely lucky that the symptoms strike by chance the proper remedy, which should be a lucky eventuality.

The powers generated through the conjoining of Shiva and shakthi in the Sahasrara Chakra are billions of times powerful like thunderbolt and epilepsy and other ailments are only tip of an iceberg, where irregular electric or magnetic impulse of very low intensity is doing the damage and tricks.

I do not know the medicine, does not imply that medicines are not there. The rule applies that similar cures similar and therefore the symptoms of such persons is what may lead to the correct medicines for cure. Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, unless the Guru or the master is adept and capable, the arousal of Kundalini should not be attempted, irrespective of whatever any book say.

Gnana is not the final aim or purpose of human life. Gnana is only a path and a stage in spiritual awakening. just like bhakthi, karma and raja yogas, Ghana is yet another yogic path and a stage of spiritual emancipation.


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