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Question about Radiation
Started by: ataxia at March 25 2010

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Question about Radiation By: ataxia
March 25 2010
Curious about when you have close contact with someone who has had a radiation treatment, what kind of response might a sensitive individual have?


Re:Question about Radiation By: girilal
New Jersey USA
March 28 2010
You mean, the effect upon the other person or on the person who is taking radiations?


Re:Question about Radiation By: garcot
March 29 2010
Dear Ataxia,

The effects of radiation for example from SUN on humans is well known. The Sun's radiation when it is absorbed by the individual, is restricted to the person who received it. It will not affect the person who comes into contact with this person. Having said that, the person who received the radiation, may have a changed behaviour, which may have an influence on the people who are in the close vicinity. This applies to all forms of radiations including chemotherapy. A person who is sensitive to changes, may notice the changes in the person who received, little more than the others.

So the influence is indirect and it is directly proportional to a person's susceptability.

A friend of mine had come to my residence with a very severe cold. He said, " Sir, I am afraid, you would also catch the cold". And my simple answer was " If I allow it to" and I did not catch the cold, inspite of spending a good 2 hours with him. So it is the mind, that has to resolve what it wants to receive.

Best Wishes,

"wisdom in your body is deeper than your deepest philosophy"(Nietszche)

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