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ear blockage
Started by: taneja_dwarka at March 4 2010

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ear blockage By: taneja_dwarka
new delhi
March 4 2010
About a month back i suddenly got up with pain in left ear and ear blockage..the next day i consulted ENT who prescribed antibiotics etc...The hearing in left ear became almost zero and right ear also blocked with partial hearing..The X ray showed severe sinusitis,and hearing tests showed mild to minimal hearing loss...For almost more thn 3 weeks now ,the hearing has improved but kind of blockage remains in both the ears....nose is almost always blocked though nothing actually comes out,and i have to use nasal drops frequently..throat is irritable and voice is also hoarse and i have to use force while speaking sometimes,though there never was any pain in throat......may i also mention that i had severe cold for almost 1 month before the problem initiated.....i am even now on antibiotics and steroids though there is only partial improvement...please help...

Re:ear blockage By: garcot
March 4 2010
Hello Taneja,

Please study the following medicines ( Look on top of your page and click on Materia Medica listed alphabetically) and choose the right one matching your symptom picture:

1. Hepar sulph.
2. Merc. Sol.
3. Pulsatilla
4. Kali bich.
5. Kali mur.
6. Kali Sulph.

and let us know, or you can choose the medicine and use it in 30c potency couple of doses with 8 hours gap and update us the improvements and we will try to help you further.

Best wishes

"wisdom in your body is deeper than your deepest philosophy"(Nietszche)

Re:ear blockage By: girilal
New Jersey USA
March 6 2010
Please use Sambucus Q 2-3 drops once a day.

And Pulsatilla 30C at bedtime for 2 weeks.


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