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wht type of dosing is this?
Started by: stressedgirl at February 27 2010

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wht type of dosing is this? By: stressedgirl
February 27 2010
take 1 tsp from stock bottle put in 4oz cup distilled water and stir

then take 1 tsp from that cup and put into another 4oz cup of water

take 1tsp from that second cup as my dose?

is this split dosing? and by diluting it to the second cup is it getting stronger or weaker for sensitive people

Re:wht type of dosing is this? By: girilal
New Jersey USA
February 28 2010
Homeopathy is about diluting and stirring. So in each stage you are raising the potency.

You can raise the potency infinitely.

Chronic cases can be treated by higher potency and acute cases may respond well will lower potency.


Re:wht type of dosing is this? By: user123
February 28 2010
Dear Girilal

Homeopaths have brought homoepathy to the stage where they are talking about advanced posology, single remedy and right potency which only 'they' know and others can't.
These homeopaths are trying to evolve those models of case taking and charging fees that even allopaths will hesitate to do.
This is adopting homeopathy to the models of capitalist economy that promotes concentration of wealth.
IMHO capitaist economy is good for other sectors of economy but it could have devastating effects in the education and health-care sectors.

Thanks and Regards.

Re:wht type of dosing is this? By: udaya kumar
February 28 2010
Gandhiji made salt with his own hands when tax was imposed on Salt. Make your own homeopathic medicines.Girilals' way and jeopathy are solutions.


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