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uncontrol motion
Started by: Anwar at February 17 2010

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uncontrol motion By: Anwar
February 17 2010
78 years old Man complains that he lost his control while he was walking. He said he started running without any reason. One man on street saw old man and grabbed Old man to stop.
Later, old man said he fell while walking and he does not remember how. There were no bumps, rocks, or anything on the road.
This person also suffering from depression and self pittyness. He feels everyone hates him including his wife and children. He also believes he is always right and other person is wrong.
This person had heart attack and got stent in artery.
So far we have tried Ars Album 200-C one dose a day for three days.
Now we are giving him Kali Phos 200-C one dose per day since last week.

Re:uncontrol motion By: garcot
February 17 2010

What support do you need?

Is the person doing better with your remedies? or you are not seeing any improvements and you need a suggestion from this forum?

Please let us know.


"wisdom in your body is deeper than your deepest philosophy"(Nietszche)

Re:uncontrol motion By: Anwar
February 17 2010
yes, we need more support with remedies
how long to continue with Kali Phos or would u like to add more remedies.
Depression still persist in this person.
Sometime this person talks to himself a lot and he may not remember what he was saying. Mostly, cursing himself and other people he knows. He listens old sad Indian movie songs and says crying in alone.
Also he says he motions are not in control.
He sleeps good and no problem with appetite, constipation. Over all health is good in patient. He looks younger than his age and strong physically. He still can walk over mile with no problems.
No diabetes. Has high blood pressure. Cholesterol level is normal. His diet includes Fish, Chicken, Vegetables.

Re:uncontrol motion By: girilal
New Jersey USA
February 18 2010
He seems like in Depression that progressed into Mania.

Try Sulfur and Belladonna both in 30C. Sulfur at night and Belladonna at day.


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