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need suggestion for my mother condition
Started by: Anwar at February 3 2010

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need suggestion for my mother condition By: Anwar
February 3 2010
my mother 76 years old. has been a patient of High BP for long time. Her BP shoots up without any reason even she takes four different pills a day to control.
Went to Cardiologist who requested Kidney CT scan. Scan showed that right kidney has narrowing of Arteries. Left kidney has minor narrowness as compared to right kidney. Dr said bcuz of narrowing for Arteries there is problem with flow of blood and thats why BP shoots up. DR put her on Lasix 40 mg. Lasix is not suiting her at this time. Tiredness, Dizziness. Dr said she needs to get use to Lasix.
Further tests showed that my mother has narrowness of arteries disease. Heart arteries are not narrowed. But, we can not feel pulse in both her hands. Dr takes BP from legs.

Re:need suggestion for my mother condition By: girilal
New Jersey USA
February 3 2010
Belladonna and Arnica are two biggest homeopathy dilators.

To begin treatment, please use both medicines in 6C potency. Belladonna works best if taken at morning and Arnica works best if taken in the evening.

And also Calcarea Carb 200C three doses 10 minutes apart. Repeat it after a week. Calcarea is complimentary to both Belladonna and Arnica.


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