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heel spur
Started by: ataxia at August 27 2009

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heel spur By: ataxia
August 27 2009
I read everything posted here on heel spurs. I'm not sure if I should call it a heel spur or not. Here are the details, please be aware that this is from memory and I am getting old.
Several years ago my wife started getting heel pain on right foot. Over a short period of time a small bump developed, pain when touched, pain while walking, pain from any kind of pressure. Over time the bump got larger but became softer, you can push it and it is almost like it has padding around it, no pain to touch it, can walk but if she is on her feet enough it will start hurting, must wear shoes without a back or there is enough pressure to make it hurt. About 4 months ago she hit the heel on something and caused a wound in it and something white stuck out a little, I was afraid it was a bone spur, instead it was soft, snow white and had a texture like soft rubber, she actually pulled it out and it was shaped like a very small egg. The bump didn't go down any, the hole closed back up and nothing else has come out.
My thoughts are, it is a bone spur, the white stuff may be her body's attemt to protect the heel. I have tried giving her various cell salts but usually not for extended periods because I'm unsure about how to proceed.
Anyone ever see a situation like this? And does anyone have any thoughts about where to start?


Re:heel spur By: girilal
New Jersey USA
August 28 2009
It could be some innocence tumor or blocked lymph node.

Please take 3 doses of Kali Iodatum 200 at ten minute interval. Repeat it once a week for 4 weeks.


Re:heel spur By: ataxia
August 28 2009
Hi girilal, Thanks for responding. I have to order that remedy so it will be a week or so before I have it.
When I get it I will have her take it and report back. Hopefully it will make a difference.


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