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Evidence that Arnica 30c replaces Nitroglycerine for Angina
Started by: Joe De Livera at February 1 2009

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Evidence that Arnica 30c replaces Nitroglycerine for Angina By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
February 1 2009
I have been treating many patients who were diagnosed with Angina and were prescribed Nitroglycerine tablets taken sublingually with Arnica 30c in the Wet Dose taken twice daily. They have all confirmed that they do not suffer from the usual pain that they were accustomed to, some for many years, for which their doctors had prescribed Nitroglycerine tablets. They are confident that they have been able to overcome their ailment as long as they take the Arnica in the Wet dose twice daily.

I was interested to learn from a 84 year old patient whom I have been treating for Angina for about 5 years and who visited me today that he had noticed the return of the Angina pain when walking and that he had decided to come to me to get a replacement stock of Arnica 30c pellets as the stock that I had given him about 2 years ago had all been used up. I had given him instructions to use 4 pellets in the bottle of boiled and cooled water that he had been using and to take a capful after succussing the bottle 6 times twice daily.

I inquired when he took his last dose and he informed me that he had been without his daily dose for the last 2 weeks. This is obviously the reason for the return of his Angina and is, I feel sufficient evidence that Arnica 30c in the Wet Dose does indeed work to relieve the Angina that this patient was treating without having recourse to the Nitroglycerine tablets.

I am sharing this information with members as evidence that Arnica 30c in the Wet Dose can replace Nitroglycerine tablets for the treatment of Angina.

Re:Evidence that Arnica 30c replaces Nitroglycerine for Angi By: davendrak
Dublin, Ohio, USA
February 2 2009
ARNICA 30C in wet dose is certainly like Amrit working well for several ailments.
Thanks to Joe for his JOEPATHY.

Re: Evidence that Arnica 30c replaces Nitroglycerine for Ang By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
February 2 2009
I am truly amazed by Arnica and the many ailments that it can be used to treat. As members of this Forum are aware, I have used Arnica for many ailments that are not listed in the Repertories and MM's that are now in use and it is my hope that my discoveries will also be included in future editions.

It seems to me that Arnica which is made from the flower of the plant Arnica Montana, has some 'magical' property which other remedies do not possess and I have often used it to treat patients whose ailments did not respond to the standard remedies with amazing results. I have taken just a capful of the remedy nightly since 1996 and am convinced that I owe my present state of wellness to this nightly routine at my age of 79 years.

I would urge members to also follow my example in using it on a daily, preferably nightly basis, as its use can be considered as a prophylactic against the blocking of the arteries with cholesterol as it keeps the minute capillaries in the body open thereby restoring the loss of that sense of well being one notices with the passing years. Please remember that my 84 year old patient noticed his old Angina pain returning when he missed his daily routine of taking Arnica twice daily was interrupted for about 2 weeks. I am confident that his pain will disappear within 24 hours after his first dose which I gave him sublingually in 4 pellets before he left with instructions to take it in the wet dose 3 times daily for a few days from today.

Please visit a monograph entitled Arnica the Miracle Remedy where I have collected the many ailments that I have treated with Arnica on:


Incidentally what is Amrit ?

Re:Evidence that Arnica 30c replaces Nitroglycerine for Angi By: Jayashree
Calcutta, India
February 2 2009
Amrit is the nectar of the Gods..

Jayashree Kanoi

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