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Mind - Body Connection
Started by: MAX VARMA at January 20 2009

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Mind - Body Connection By: MAX VARMA
New Delhi and Vancouver
January 20 2009
There is no line that can be drawn between the physical and the mental/emotional processes
They are inextricable linked and cannot be separated






Every emotion you feel has an effect on your body, every thought you have involves a neurological process, every physical change from the norm is accompanied by a corresponding mental/emotional state. Sometimes it will be obvious, sometimes subtle, (sometimes denied, but denial is an emotional state too). Yet the idea of treating the body and mind separately (allopathy) ignores this truth and so how can it be the in the best interests of the patient?

"The cure of the part should not be attempted without treatment of the whole. No attempt should be made to cure the body without the soul and, if the head and body are to be healthy, you must begin by curing the mind... for this is the great error of our day in the treatment of the human body, that physicians first separate the soul from the body" - Written by Plato in the fifth century BC, echoed by Hahnemann two centuries ago and just as true today as it ever was.

Every physical disharmony is accompanied by a change in the mental/emotional sphere and vica-versa. i.e. any mental/emotional state, especially if profound or of long duration is capable of causing physical ill health and any physical disease is bound to result in a change in the mental/emotional state, this is true in both acute and chronic illness. How then can any medical system that views them as separate and which treats them separately, be effective? This is why the basis of 'holistic' medicine is that these are not regarded as separate but simply aspects of the 'whole'.

Therefore homeopathy, a holistic system, always honours the body-mind connection, both in the casetaking and in the choice of remedy. Its remedies are effective for, and simultaneously treat, both mental/emotional and physical conditions, whether they appear to exist separately or together.


I request all members to give a detailed listing of their mental / emotinal symptoms at the time of posting their case in addition to the physical symptoms.

Pankaj Varma

There is only one religion....called mankind.
There is only one law....the law of Karma
There is only one God....He is everywhere and with everyone and knows everything.

Re:Mind - Body Connection By: girilal
New Jersey USA
January 21 2009
Main problem is that patients as well prescriber both get confused by mental picture. That's why I always only ask patient or his friends -- if there is anything unusual in behaviour.


Re:Mind - Body Connection By: sajjadakram
January 22 2009
Dear Max varma and Girilal, Very Happy

Do you believe that mental symptoms written in Materia Media are true..Personally i do not believe unless they are strong.
best Regards.

Re:Mind - Body Connection By: garcot
January 22 2009
Hi Max,

A man in disease in always stressed. And stress is bound to create anxiety though our ego may not accept that the body is stressed. The mind may live in denial for a while, but not long before it starts accepting that there is something wrong and that is when, it starts feeling the anxiety physically.

So considering the above scenario, every correctly chosen remedy necessarily needs to reduce the stress and anxiety to enable him to get a cure.

I have an interesting doubt here. Let us say, a normal man who is healthy and not stressed or anxious, takes a dose of Aconite 1M.

Will he get stressed? because of proving?

I carried out this experiment on myself and found, I started feeling even better, after a dose of Aconite 1M !

It clearly proves, whether I recognise or not, there is a persistent amount of anxiety/stress in me and it got alleviated with a dose of above medicine.

Infact, i know a few homeopathic doctors, who have cured durg additions to Benzodiazepine with just a daily/alternate days dose of Aconite 30 or 200 over a period of 2 months. I know, it is not that simple in all cases.


"wisdom in your body is deeper than your deepest philosophy"(Nietszche)

Re:Mind - Body Connection By: shuddha
January 23 2009
Respected Pankaj and all,

This is not homeopathic perspective, but in general.

Mind and body are in no way distinct, they are extensions of each other. I can site the example of teeth and muscles. Teeth are hardened muscles. This needs no proving, as any individual can experiment and find out this to be true. Likewise, mind is the subtler form of body and body is the gross form of mind. Affliction in one would, inexorably, pass on to the other. And body is the collective form of the food we take. So right from the food we take, how much, how many times, what kind of food.,, etc.. the body sustains itself and grows accordingly. Some foods affect the mind through the body, like alcohol etc.. There are different categories of food and their nature and what sort of thoughts they induce in the mind are clearly detailed in Bhagvat Gita.

We have a great advantage in homeopathy. This system includes vital plane, whereas other systems take into account only body and mind. Vital plane is in between body and mind. Hence improving either with homeopathy is much easier, as the access is direct to both. For example, if a patient has great fear, Allopathy cures it in two steps. First, it reduces the speed of thinking and calms down the mind. Second it addresses the fear problem through different part of the brain. In homeopathy, it is direct. If the fear is from known objects, Mimulus and unknown objects, Aspen. Fear of death etc.. ars alb.. There is no need to calm down the mind and treat the patient or rather tranquilize the patient and then talk to his subconscious mind.

In my opinion, we should consider not only mind and body, but include vital system also. There are definite parameters to gauge the vital system. I am sure no one would mistake vital system as sexual power. That is only a very small part of vital system. I think Udaya would be the right person to elaborate this aspect.

Re:Mind - Body Connection By: udaya kumar
January 24 2009
Dear Shuddha,

We need no scientists to prove that the universe (brahmand)is made of five basic elements, the Ether, the Air, the Water, the Fire and the Earth, and the body is made up of the same five elements by Panchikaran i.e. a kind of nuclear fusion. Inside our body the Ether is all prevailing though its main abode is the mind and the Soul(the soul is fully comprised of it) whereas the mind has Ether and other elemtns in varying permuted combinations. Ether form then metamorphosises into Air form, air to water, water to fire and fire to Earth which is the hardest of all. I feel and see no surprise when I think that the the prana or the air which we breath into the Soul(the Ether) converts into the liquids and blood and the blood into assunilation and digestion which is fire and from digestion into flesh and flesh into muscles and muscles to hardened earth the Teeth. Inside the body as well as inside the universe, Ether is all prevading Ishwar, whereas water is 70% prevading and air again is almost 90% prevading whereas the Earth and fire have lesser prevalence. The Vital force inside the body to my understanding is Ether. It is self effulgent, formless, odourless, can manifest in any form and is corresponding to Ishwar, None of the five elements are separable from one another and therefore the body is a composite whole evolved out of their synthesis and should be understood as such. Mind is a cumulative empirical epiphenomina. In simplified terms can be considered as a bi-product of human actrions and experiences, give rise to, course and direction to future, thoughts, actions, working in the same way as the celestial body moving away to come back in a ecliptical trajectory, the same way as neutron or electron move inside an atom. The pattern is an evolving result and are inextricably intervowen in a celestial designed pattern. with regards


Re:Mind - Body Connection By: lanserbin@hotmail.com
May 12 2012
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