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Rubrics or remedy
Started by: anon at July 25 2008

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Rubrics or remedy By: anon
July 25 2008
1. comments by others keep repeating in the mind. unable to control or forget them. tormented by such comments.

2. eyes squint. forcefully closed, spasmodically or permanently for a while at a time. with muscles from eyebrows to upper lip involved, cannot see due to closed eyes, unable to open them during attack, vision otherwise normal, right eye worse than the left.

3.general muscular weakness in the whole body.

Girilal and others, help please.

Re:Rubrics or remedy By: gavinimurthy
July 25 2008

I suggested causticum on abc.

Any way wait for other's views if any.


Re:Rubrics or remedy By: sajjadakram
July 25 2008
continue with the causticum.

Re:Rubrics or remedy By: udaya kumar
July 26 2008
Causticum is fine at the most add Gelsemium to it.


Re:Rubrics or remedy By: anon
July 27 2008
Thanks Gavinimurthy, Sajjadakram and Udaya Kumar.

Re:Rubrics or remedy By: anon
December 11 2008
1. comments by others keep repeating in the mind. unable to control or forget them. tormented by such comments.

2. general muscular weakness in the whole body.

3. above two conditions still remain. plus

in the situation described in 1. patient gets very nervous and feels exhausted, weak and complete lack of energy. this now have become the main problem.

had seen a homeopath on oct 29th/08 and been prescribed 1 dose of aurum met. 30c and then tissue salts fp 6x+ns 6x+kp 3x.

5+5+5=15 tablets three times daily for two weeks.

problem of eyes been cured 95 percent after the above course was finished.

had initially taken causticum 200c a few times, it had made the condition worst in the begining it also been used later on few times.

presently no remedy is taken.

also had an abscess in the stomach or liver for which patient had an operation last year. brain scan is normal.

diabetes kept in control by some natural herbs and is reported to be usually 6.4

i wonder why girilall have not replied to this request.

all replies will be highly appreciated.


Re:Rubrics or remedy By: girilal
New Jersey USA
December 11 2008
Causticum is fine.

Second in line is Belladonna-30C. Just take a dose and let us know if you feel better within hours of it.


Re:Rubrics or remedy By: anon
December 13 2008
Thanks Girilal:

another thing that i remember about this patient is that he is in his mid fifties and is head of a religious(spiritual) association. could not contact him for now.

is not belladonna only for acute and temporary conditions?


Re:Rubrics or remedy By: anon
December 15 2008
patient has acute appendicitis since saturday night and is under conventional treatment.

comments of other or sudden memory of such comments may trigger acute anxiety or panic attacks.


Re:Rubrics or remedy By: udaya kumar
December 15 2008
Acute appendicitis:
Belladonna, Bapticia tinc. Highest potencies. Bryonia Alba Highest potencies, as per symptoms)

Echinesia/Pyrogenium in Septic conditions, .Rhus Tox substitute for surgery.


Re:Rubrics or remedy By: anon
December 18 2008
Thank you very much Dr. Udaya Kumar.

Re:Rubrics or remedy By: anon
January 16 2009
All please be advised that the patient was misdiagnosed. it is not appendicitis and actually is fatty liver or an abscess in the liver similar to what he had before. patient was unable to give good description of the problem, all that he could tell is that fat in his liver is increased.


Re:Rubrics or remedy By: plentypu@hotmail.com
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