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How to apply software's result
Started by: curefinder at November 25 2008

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How to apply software's result By: curefinder
November 25 2008
I have take the "Find your constitutional Remedy" test and attached is the result. I would like to know that how to take the dose of 1st three medicines and for how long and in what form? There were some questions to which I did not have definite answers, does this makes a lot of difference in results? I think that I have answered 75 of the questions correctly.

Re:How to apply software's result By: girilal
New Jersey USA
November 27 2008
Best thing is to use materia medica and study about those three medicines you picked. You can use on-line materia-medica too. Figure out the best medicine based upon your own studies.


Re:How to apply software's result By: curefinder
November 27 2008
Thank you, I'll go though all of them, however as the results suggested the selection of top 3 which are, in my case, lycopodium, pulstilla, assenum album, I have studied about them and the characteristics they address matches mine a lot but not completely (I presume that's normal). I will go through the rest of the medicines identified in result to find best match. I'll appreciate your comments on how the medicines will control the psychological behavior such as over sensitivity, lack of trust, confidence problem or illnesses and diseases attacking only left/right part of body (viral warts, eye infection, accidental damages e.g. broken wrist etc.).

Re:How to apply software's result By: garcot
November 28 2008
If the problem is more in the mind than the body, I would suggest, you use the bach flower remedies, which will give you good healing without any fear of healing crisis etc....( though choosing the right potency of the choosen homeo medicine would work like a charm, it is always not easy to hit the right potency. However, if your energy levels are high and you are very sensitive to changes without any physical pathology, 200c would be a good potency to start with)


"wisdom in your body is deeper than your deepest philosophy"(Nietszche)

Re:How to apply software's result By: udaya kumar
November 29 2008
Constitutional remedy ready reckoner is only a general reckoner based on what data is fed into the software. Symptoms peculiar to you are known to you only and the doctor who repertorise you/or do the case taking, provided you tell him that. In the absence of that the suggestion that you go through all the symptoms in the materia medica for those medicines and arrive at a conclusion for yourself is valid.

All medicines will show some general symptoms as acceptable of themselves having by majority of people. Therefore, the peculiar symptoms speficific to you is what should be on look out. A few symptoms which we call a symptom picture is sufficient to administer the medicine at minimum doses. All symptoms of a medicine will never be there in all or any of the patients. Normally more than one peculiar symptoms with more than two general symptoms are sufficient to give a medicine single dose in a potency like 30C. In lower potencies and higher potencies you need to be a bit more cautious.

Lower potencies work in body and sub atomic level where as higher potencies work in mind level which is metaphysical.


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