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excessive intake of tea.
Started by: osteo at November 18 2008

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excessive intake of tea. By: osteo
November 18 2008
I am feeling sevre pain in middle portion of back and it's near the right side corner. it's below the armpit. lately I have been consumig lots of tea around 8-9 cups a days. I am also feelling pain while deep breathing. pls suggest something.

Re: excessive intake of tea. By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
November 18 2008
Tea cannot cause any discomfort generally. 9 cups of tea seem to be somewhat of an overdose and you can reduce your intake and observe the result.

It is more likely that you have caught a chill and the remedy that can help you is Rhus Tox 30c dose 3 pellets taken 4 times daily sublingually. If after a day on this remedy you do not have any relief, you can report your symptoms at that time.

Re:excessive intake of tea. By: osteo
November 19 2008
Thanks.. Actually it's ribcage on the right side. I was unable to get the word.

I will try it out.

Re:excessive intake of tea. By: udaya kumar
November 19 2008
Use three doses of Chelidonium 30C for one day. Follow it by one dose of Sulphur 30. If the pain persists use one dose of Lycopodium 200.

If the pain is only on the back of the rib cage and suffocative, use Uric Acid 200 a single dose. The pain will disappear in half an hours time.

Check the cause for the pain by an ultrasound and take further appropriate treatment. Tea can only cause at the most acidity. The pain can be gastralgic, it could be gall bladder stones or connected with liver/pancrease. In all probablity it must be gas related. Once the ailment is confirmed further medication can be resorted to for permanent cure if not already achieved.

with best wishes.


Re:excessive intake of tea. By: osteo
November 21 2008
thanks joe rhus tox worked.

Re:excessive intake of tea. By: girilal
New Jersey USA
November 24 2008
Thuja is the medicine for the harms caused by tea or just to control the urge to drink lots of tea.


Re:excessive intake of tea. By: osteo
November 25 2008
Thanks girilal.

wat dose and how to take Thuja. I am getting addicted to tea. I am unable to start any work without taking tea. after every 2-3 hours I feel the urge of taking tea.I feel I am able to start concentrate after taking tea.

Re:excessive intake of tea. By: girilal
New Jersey USA
November 25 2008
Find the raw thuja, am sure it grows around your place. Just chew a twig once a while.

If trying homeopathy doses, try Thuja 30C once a day for a week.


Re:excessive intake of tea. By: osteo
January 11 2009
thuja made feel very light even after taking 7-8 cups of tea. intake has come down to 3-4 cups


Re:excessive intake of tea. By: mleger
January 14 2009
Coffea is also very effective for helping with the gastric problems caused by too much tea.


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