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Allergy to curd and banana
Started by: msrao at November 4 2008

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Allergy to curd and banana By: msrao
November 4 2008
My grandson aged about 8 years refuses to take curd/buttermilk and banana. He is having this 'allergy' since his infancy.I consulted a few doctors and they are of the opinion that nothing can be done about it and time alone can solve this .Any member having a different idea?

Re:Allergy to curd and banana By: udaya kumar
November 4 2008
It is Lactose intolerance. Use Aethusa 30 three globules three times a day for one day, wait for a week and try one spoon of curd.

Does he have rashes on face or does he vomit or does he rub his eyes to redness or what is the other symptoms of the so called allergy?


Re:Allergy to curd and banana By: gavinimurthy
November 4 2008
My understanding is that he has no 'desire' to take them. Not allergic to them in the proper sense.

He just refuses to take them probably because they don't taste 'right' for him.

THe rubric aversion to milk can be ued as one of the symptoms, but we need atleast two other characteristic symptoms to zero in on the medicine.

Stomach, aversion, milk : aeth., am-c., ant-t., arn., bell., bry., calad., calc-s., calc., carb-s., carb-v., cina., ferr-p., guai., guare., ign., lac-d., lec., mag-c., nat-c., nat-p., nat-s., nux-v., phos., puls., rheum., sep., sil., stann., sulph.


Re:Allergy to curd and banana By: girilal
New Jersey USA
November 5 2008
It these things are allergic to him, please explain what exactly happenes to him after he eats banana or curd etc.


Re:Allergy to curd and banana By: msrao
November 5 2008
Thank you,Mr.Udaykumar.Your advice will be followed.He does not have rashes nor he vomits.No rubbing of eyes either.
I understand that sometimes he cannot stand people sitting by his side,taking curd.I think aversion is the right term for describing this state rather than allergy.
As stated he refuses to take these and as such no after effects.Once it so happened that I took him to a temple and he was given 'tirtham' containing some smashed banana pieces .Immediately after putting in his mouth he spat it out.Such is his aversion.
Regarding additional symptoms it is somewhat difficult to specify.However he was separated from his mother for a couple years when he was just two years old.(who went abroad for prosecution of her higher studies.....of course the absence was not uninterrupted)It is difficult to say at what stage this aversion started.Whether his mother's absence started or aggravated this aversion .Or was it preexisting?
Sometimes his palms are clammy and skin peels off.Otherwise he is O.K.

Re:Allergy to curd and banana By: udaya kumar
November 5 2008
Aversion to banana with aversion to strangers -Baryta Carb

aversion to milk/milk products with aversion to strangers - Natrium Carb.

It now depends on whether the emphasis was on "a stranger sitting by his side" or on "eating the curd"? Mother leaving a child at an early age of 2 years for couple of years could develop stranger- like feeling in children which is closer to homesickness, peevishness,always weeping, offended with some trace of stubborness. . The medicine there is Capsicum. If there are worms it should be addressed with CINA. Or give a few drops of Cod Liver Oil (if you consume fish), that will correct aversion for milk. with best wishes.


Re:Allergy to curd By: ghanisoft
August 17 2011
Whenever, I have curd I get sneezing how do I over come this.

Re:Allergy to curd and banana By: udaya kumar
August 17 2011
Please giv e complete symptom picture.


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