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no periods for 3 months
Started by: mary876 at March 1 2008

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no periods for 3 months By: mary876
March 1 2008
I went to see my Dr because I did not get a period for 3 months. I thought it was menopause, for I am 49 years old. She send me to have a ultrasound. It shows that my uterus lining is very thick, like 22mm and I also have a cyst in my left ovary, I am schedule to have a biopsy. Now I have my period but I have been bleedind heavily now for ten days. Is this normal I am gettin worried

Re: no periods for 3 months By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
March 1 2008
It is likely that you are suffering from Endometriosis as you have indicated a Cyst in your ovary and are also experiencing heavy bleeding.

It is very likely that your Gynacologist may prescribe Danosol or even advise surgery later but before you take her advice I would invite you to visit the link below entitled:
"Endometriosis and Heavy Bleeding"


I have detailed a case where the therapy that I have advised has helped the patient who is also your age to overcome her Endometriosis for which I prescribed Bellis Perennis 30c in the Wet Dose and Arnica 30c for the heavy bleeding which you too have experienced for 10 days.

If you have any questions after you read this case history, please feel free to post them on this thread.

Re: no periods for 3 months By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
March 2 2008
It would be better if you copy and paste your post which you made on the other thread to which I referred you, on this thread which your own case.

This will help me and others to follow the progress of your case easier.

Re: no periods for 3 months By: MAX VARMA
New Delhi and Vancouver
March 2 2008
Cysts in the ovaries go away with Kali Iodide ...try in 200 potency
two doses every day for 3 days then stop.

Wait for the system to work on its own for 10 days.

Pankaj Varma

There is only one religion....called mankind.
There is only one law....the law of Karma
There is only one God....He is everywhere and with everyone and knows everything.

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