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Another Nail in the Coffin
Started by: Joe De Livera at February 27 2008

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Another Nail in the Coffin By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
February 27 2008

20-02-2008 00:00

Last week the controllers of BBCHealth (www.bbc.co.uk/health <http://www.bbc.co.uk/health> ) , the health section on one of the most
accessed websites in the world, decided to remove all coverage of complementary medicine!

They used to have substantial coverage with over 40 pages on this subject covering all the major therapies, their pros and cons, evidence for their effectiveness, how to find a qualified practitioner, etc.

However the site has in recent months been sent a deluge of letters and emails claiming that complementary therapies such as homeopathy and cranial osteopathy should be removed. As a result large chunks of this part of the site were simply removed overnight and now, following recent cutbacks, it was decided that, rather than update this part of the site, it should simply be removed altogether!

It may seem incredible that a public service site this prominent can deem complementary medicine so insignificant that it no longer warrants any coverage other than the odd news story. This is despite the fact that complementary medicine is used favourably by a significant proportion of the population (recent surveys have estimated that around 1 in 5 Britons use it at some point or other) and that increasing numbers of people are now seeking to train in these therapies.

However, as the 'quack busters' become more organised and active, evidence of the backlash against complementary medicine is appearing all over the place - such as the removal of PCT funding for homeopathy, the threatened closure of the homeopathic hospitals, many negative news stories in the press and so on.
Rather than taking a reasoned view and considering the evidence from good research studies on complementary medicine some groups seem simply hell bent on trying to 'stamp out' complementary medicine in any way possible. The BBCi removal of complementary medicine coverage (which has been in place for almost 15 years!) is one example.

If you believe information pages on it should be returned to BBCi, please, please take just a minute to express your views using their online comment form at:


to make your view known. As a public service company they have to listen to your views so your email will make a difference. Apparently for all the many letters and emails that they received that were against complementary medicine they only received a handful in support. Therefore if you are in support please let them know so they may revise their thinking on this subject.

Please act as soon as possible and pass on these details to anyone else you know who may also be willing to write in support of complementary medicine.

Published in : CYBERMED NEWS, MNC

Re: Another Nail in the Coffin By: PAT2006MPW
February 27 2008
Any thoughts on where all the bashing is coming from?

There must be something they are not telling us.

Re: Another Nail in the Coffin By: Dr.Beek
February 27 2008
Hi Joe,
I have forwarded to the BBC my complaint and ask them to re-consider their decision regarding the removal. Although I'm not a huge trafficker on their site I sometimes surf through their contents, because they have a lot of good subjects and seem to be un-biased by other opinions, however the removal has surprised me as well. lets concentrate our thought positively on them and maybe we get rewarded.
Dr. Alex van der Beek

It is, however, through attention that you will finally be able to overcome obstacles of any kind that appear in your path onward and upward, and the only way to acquire this wonderful power is by practice -- practice makes perfect, in this as in anything

Re: Another Nail in the Coffin By: MAX VARMA
New Delhi and Vancouver
February 29 2008
The bashing is coming from the pharma manufacturing mafia !!

There is only one religion....called mankind.
There is only one law....the law of Karma
There is only one God....He is everywhere and with everyone and knows everything.

Re: Another Nail in the Coffin By: PAT2006MPW
February 29 2008
Thanks, pankaj

That may mean that the pharma manufacturing mafia is giving financial support to BBC Health. (sort of like being paid under the table and/or in secret)

Re: Another Nail in the Coffin By: PAT2006MPW
March 2 2008

NaturalNews.com printable article
Originally published February 28 2008
The BBC Abandons Its Complementary Medicine Website Due to Pressure
by Gabriel Donohoe (see all articles by this author)

(NaturalNews) The BBC, Britain's venerable TV station known and respected worldwide for its impartiality and integrity, has suddenly closed down the Complementary Medicine section on its Health website (www.bbc.co.uk/health) .

This is believed to be in response to a curious and abnormal amount of letters and e-mails demanding that information on such therapies as homeopathy and cranial osteopathy be removed.

The BBC Health website is one of the most widely accessed websites in the world and has been online for almost 15 years. Its Complementary Medicine section had in excess of 40 pages on "alternative" therapies, objective evaluations, a practitioner 'search' facility, and other useful information. But the controllers of BBC Health have now decided to abandon all coverage of Complementary Medicine.

Recently, in the UK, there has been a concerted attack on "alternative" medicine from people like University College London Professor David Colquhoun who described 61 university complementary medicine courses (45 of them science degrees) as "gobbledygook". Professor Colquhoun went on to say that, "the teaching of complementary medicine under a science banner was worse than 'Mickey Mouse' degrees in golf management and baking..."

Another critic of "complementary" medicine is Michael Baum, Emeritus Professor of Surgery at University College London, who caused a storm by criticising Prince Charles's support for the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital (RLHH). "Homeopathy," says Professor Baum, "is no better than witchcraft." Criticising a 20 million refurbishment of the RLHH Professor Baum says that that money would have been better spent on drugs like Herceptin.

In May 2006, Prince Charles had addressed the World Health Assembly in Geneva to argue for homeopathy and its kindred therapies. The Prince urged a return to remedies "rooted in ancient traditions that intuitively understood the need to maintain balance and harmony with our minds, bodies and the natural world."

The decision by BBC controllers is a curious one, especially at a time when more than 40% of Britons use some form of "complementary" medicine and spend 1.6 billion pounds annually (Ernst). In Britain, the BBC is a public service broadcaster and its remit is to broadcast for the benefit of the public - not for commercial concerns. As public outrage begins to grow, we are sure to hear a lot more about this sinister development in the days and weeks ahead.

The BBC, in response to criticism of their action, says that the "complementary health section was incomplete and, therefore, not of a satisfactory editorial standard." They go on to say, "The BBC will continue to cover complementary health in other areas of its output, such as TV, radio and news programmes, and may reassess its complementary health content in future."

If you have ever accessed the BBC's "Complementary Medicine" site or believe that it should be restored, please take just a minute to complain or express your views using their online comment form at: (www.bbc.co.uk/feedback/)

About the author
Gabriel Donohoe is a writer, researcher, and natural health therapist in Ireland. A practising Kinesiologist, he runs a Health Shop and offers programmes in Natural Health Education by examining blood under the microscope and analysing fluids of the bio-terrain. He can be reached at: gdonohoe@iol.ie


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