1  Most used medicine for hard/(cauliflower type) warts and corns
Antimonium Crudum
2  Which medicine is considered as Homeopathy Knife
3  Red streak down the middle of tongue, indicates
Veratrum Virdie
4  In which edition of Organon the concept of wet dose is introduced?
5 th edition
5  Fat, Perspiring, Cold and Sour (sour taste) indicates
Calcarea Carbonia
6  Watery acid(burning) nose flow and pain in the frontal sinuses
Kali Iodatum
7  Fat, Chilly and Constipative applies to
8  What is the scale of dilution of \\\'X\\\' potency?
9  Hot, burning, itchy. Made worse by heat of bed.
10  Skin symptoms worse cold and scratching. Nightly aggravations, unquenchable thirst
Arsenum Album
11  Most used medicine for spongy warts(tags) and corns
12  Remedy for persistently irritating and corrosive discharges (from nose or eyes etc)
Arsinum Iodatum
13  A remedy for traumatic injuries and septic conditions
Arnica Montana
14  A remedy for haemorrhagic tendencies and septic states
15  A very effective remedy for Rectal/Anal fistulas and ulcers
16  Great susceptibility to external impressions to light, sound, touch, electricity and thunder storms.
17  Desire to self distruction and commit suicide
Arum Metalicum
18  Pus Infection
19  Recurrent Styes
20  Excitement or Fright
21  Preventive against Small Pox
22  Whooping Cough
23  Medicine for chilblains
Rhus Tox
24  Recurrent Herpes
Hepar Sulphur
25  Recurrent Tonsillitis/Sore-throat
Baryta Carbonica, Psorinum
26  Scarlet Fever
27  Diseases can be cured by a medicine, which is
28  Sycotic patient desires for
29  Opacity of cornea and conjunctivitis
30  Bleeding piles, ulcerations, varicose veins
31  Ailments form hot and cold baths and from hot and cold weather
Antimony Crudum
32  Exciting news causes urging to stool
33  To expell splinters from body tissues
34  Apprehension brings about diarrhea
Argentum Nitricum
35  Hay Fever
Arsinum Album, Psorinum
36  Misfortune followed by epilepsy
Hyocyamus N.
37  Depression, Hemorrhage after pregnency
38  Heat Stroke
39  Sleeplessness from grief
Natrum Muricatum, Ignatia
40  Motion Sickness causes vomitting
Cocc, Nux Vomica, Petroleum
41  Medicine should not be changed if
Patient feels better
42  Better from warm damp weather
Hepar Sulph.
43  Better in dry weather, sitting up, changing position
Natrium Sulphuricum (natrum Sulphuricum)
44  To arouse the reactive power in chronic disease
45  Lack of confidence in himself
Anacardim Ori.
46  Craving for oranges, acids or refreshing things
Veratum Album
47  Motion makes him worse, full relief from rest
Bryonia alba
48  Motion makes him better
Rhus Tox.
49  Averse to open air
50  Cries all day, sleeps all night baby
51  Dyspeptic and bilious persons
Magnesia Mur.
52  Veins swoolen, sensitive, bursting pain. Varicose Vains. Keeps extremeties elevated to avoid pain.
53  Recuring boils perticularly when located on thin muscles as. auditory canal, styes etc.
Calcarea Picreta
54  Hayfever, sensitive to cold, watery eyes, sore throat, must swallow.
55  Angine pactoris with pain in right arm, pulsations over whole body, rapid irregular pulse, feeling a load on the chest.
Lilium Tigrinum
56  Presence of albumin and renal elements in urin. Kidney failure
Eel Serum
57  Muscular paralysis, weekness of extremeties, hands, fingers etc. Paralysis, paralysis feeling
58  Bloody expectoration, inflammed kidneys and bloody urine.
59  Urine dribbling, diabeties, large quantity of low specific gravity.
Rhus Aromatica
60  Mapped tongue, enlarged liver and sweat on falling sleep
61  Hypertension, arteriosclereosis or coronory arteries, constriction of throat, chest, bladder and rectum.
62  Vertigo, sick headaches, sensitive to noise, noise penetrates body and seem strike over painful spots
63  Extreme restlessness, must keep constant motion even through it agravates.
Tarentula Hispana
64  Carbuncles, boils, burning and stinging pain, purplish hue. Most severe types of inflamations and pains.
Tarentula cubenses
65  Sick headaches with nausea and gastric (bile) problems, worse rest. Headaches beging with blur in the eyes, vomitting sour bile.
Iris Versicolor
66  Intense itching, worse on getting warm, worse in the walking in the morning. Acne worse in the summer
67  Acidity accompained by frontal headaches
Robinia pseudoacacia
68  Pain in stomach always comes after eating, sensation of the lump in the cardiac end of stomach.
Abies Nigra
69  Back pain and pins and needle like sensations on the extremeties
Picric Acidum
70  Bed sores and ulceration related to bedsores
Flouric Acidum, Arnica
71  Reflexes imparied, muscular ridgity, spasams and cramps. Respiratory muscles impaired.
72  Extreme perspiration, hot flushes, nausea and salivatin.
73  Heart pain extending to neck, left shoulder and arm. Slow and irregular pulse, sense of chocking, dry cough relatd with heart lesions.
74  Pulse week and irregular, weekness in the chest. Dyspnoes, least movement causes violent palpitations
75  Great dryness of air passages and mouth. Eyes water or gummy discharge. Dry barking cough. Thyroid or neck glands swoolen.
Spongia Tosta
76  Collapse state with extreme coldness, blueness and weekness. Cold sweat on forehead, vomitting and purging. Face, mouth cold.
Veratrum Album
77  Spots on the scalp, oozing moisture. Matting hair together, corrosive itchy scalp. bald spots
Vinca Minor
78  Rheumatism, rheumatic heart disease. Rheumatism of shoulder and extremeties, gout.
Lithium Carb.
79  Helpful in Multiple sclerosis (MS)
Tarentula Hispana
80  Which three diseases, when present in the patient\\\'s family history, should alert you to the possibility of Carcinosin?
Cancer, tuberculosis, and diabetes.
81   Name three important characteristics seen on the face and skin of the typical Carcinosin.
Blue sclerae (blue in the whites of the eyes), cafe-au-lait hue(color complexes) and dark moles
82  Flatulane, abdomen bloated, gastric and duodinal ulcers, incontinence of urine
Uranium Nit.
83  Gestric/duodinal ulcers. Gastric stomach, loss of appetite, frequent belching or offensive flatulus
84  Rheumatism, gout and uric acid deposits
85  Circulor patches of eczema, ring worms. Circular skin erruptions
86  Neuralgic, spasmodic and shooting pains, muscular atrophy, paraplegia, violent pains in locomotor ataxia
87  Crawling in nostrils with sneezing and watery eyes. Nasal discharges both exterior or posterior.
Teucrium Marum
88  Musculoskelton pains, influenza, dangue fever
Eupatorium Perfoliatum
89  Menses too late, scanty, lasting few hours. Lecurrhoea with itchy discharge, false labor pains, often miscarriages
Viburnum Opulus
90  Female weekness, anemia, premature menses with labor like pains
Aletris Farinosa
91  Urine comes drop by drop, incontinence in children and old people, frequent urging
92  It liquifies and dissolves fibroids and nodules
Kali Iodatum
93  Cancerous ulcers, tumors and nodulated tumors of the tongue
Galium Aparine
94  Collapse, suffocation due to pulmunary conditions. Spasmodic dry suffocative cough. Congestion, paralysis of lungs.
Hydrocyanic acid
95  If inflammation or tonsillitis begins/begun at right then moves/moved to left or all over the throat.
Mercurius Iodat. Flavus
96  If inflammation or tonsillitis begins/begun at left then moves/moved to right or all over the throat.
Mercurius Iodat. Ruber
97  Hands and fingers feel numb
98  Head injury causes epilepsy
Nat. Sulph.
99  Headache begining with blindness
Nat. Mur.
100  Headaches from sun, increases with sun, declines till sun sets
101  Musculo-skeltal injuries and pain
Ruta Graveolens
102  Injuries to the bones
103  Hysterical epilepsy
Tarentula Hispana
104  Eyes burn, ache, feel strained; eyes hot like balls of fire; spasms of lower lid.
Ruta Graveolens
105  Crops of small boils, intensely painful, boils succesively appear in the nose; green fetid pus
106  Light complexion, narrow chested subjects and very sensitive to cold
107  Enlarged glands, tonsils, enlarged thyroids
Calcarea Iodata
108  Expells moles, dead foetuses, membranes etc.
Sabina, Cantharis
109  Obesity, thyroid enlarged in obese subjects
110  After effects fo vaccination
Thuja Occidentalis
111  Icy coldness, vomitting of black, green, mucus. Bloody black stools
Cadmium Sulphate
112  Haemorrhages, ulcerations, cancerous affections, puffness, gangrene, feeling of coldness in stomach
113  Bone necrosis, inflammation of joints, nails crumbling
Flouric Acid
114  Thin, withered, full of gas
115  Great debility, weakness, worse heat. Easy exhaustion mental and physical
116  Hairs fall out, hairs of eyebrow, beard fall out, itching in the folds of skin, between fingers
117  Desires for liquor, liver enlarged, painful, rash over liver region
118  Punctured wounds, insect bites
119  Yellow fever
Crotalus Horridus
120  Hairs falling from dry scalp
Arnica Montana
121  Rectum aches as full of broken glass, burns after stools, constipation, fissures, burning like fire.
122  Barber's itch, acne, itching on nose, ear and urethra. Lichen Plannus
Sulphur Iodide
123  Intolerable itching when getting warm in bed, skin chapped dry, must scratch till it bleeds then becomes painful
124  Constriction of orifices
Alumina Silicate
125  Legs feel sleep espacially when sitting corss legged
126  Musculor soreness, injuries to deep tissues. After major surgery, injuries to nerves
Bellis Perenis
127  Injured Nerves, crushed fingers and hands or tissues. Neuritis and neuralgias. Carpal Tunnel Syndroms
128  Opacity of cornea, corneitis, granular lids
Zinc Sulphuricum
129  Opaity of cornea and conjunctivitis
130  Bleeding and protruding piles
131  Non bleeding protruding piles
Aesculus Hip.
132  Psoriasis, ringworm, eczema behind ears
Chrysorobinum, Crysophanic acid
133  Burn injuries, burnign sensation, burning in urethera
134  Meningitis, tuburculor meningitis
135  Offensive smelly discharges, ulcers and cancers smellling foul
Carbolic Acidum
136  Painful uterine fibroids
Viola Odorata
137  Warts, cancerous glands, mouth tongue ulcers and cancers. Breast cancer
Sempervivum Tectorum
138  Hemorrhoids of pregnent women
Collinsonia Can.
139  Epilepsy during sleep
140  No sleep on the account of full of ideas, quick to act.
Coffea Cruda
141  Leucorrhea transparent, stains linen yellow
Agnus Castus
142  Face dry, chapped, crack in the middle of the lower lip
Hepar Sulphuricum
143  Shingles, vesicles and pustules may have a blueish appearence
Ranunculus Bubl.
144  Sensation of coldness in heart region
145  Great homeopathy antiseptic, all discharges are horrible offensive
146  Fear of water and aversion of liquids
147  Every muscle in the body twitching from eye to toe.
148  Every fresh cold thing brings asthma attack
Naturm Sulphuricum
149  Pneumonia espacilly at the lower lungs
Kali Bichromate
150  Grinding teeth at night, intense urge to press gums together
151  Morning dierrhea, stools watery jelly like, mucus, painless, gushing and offencive
152  Haematosis, rapid reduction in red blood cells.
Plumbum Metallicum
153  Paralysis, feeling of paralysis, paralysis in single muscle, can't lift anything with hand, hands and feet feel cold, numbness, pain, twitching, tingling, tremors.
154  Hard stony glands.
Calcarea Flourica
155  Fibroid, tumors, lipoma, sarcoma, glandular hardenings, soft fibroid sweelings
Lapis Albus
156  Great desire for sweats, want to do everything in hurry, everybody must hurry
Argentum Nitricum
157  Heart Pain (Angina Pectoris) with pain in neck and occupit
Arsenum Album
158  Breasts swollen, indurated, breast ulcers and cancers, breast glands swoolen and hard.
Asterias Rubens
159  Ovarian cysts, chocolate cysts, ovarian tumors etc.
Aurum Muricaticum Natronatum, Aurum Iodatum
160  Gonorrhoea in acute stages, blocage of urethera with pus and mucus, burning and stitches in urethera, walks with legs apart
Canabis Sativa
161  When most medicines fail to relieve chronic urticarea
162  When most medicines fail to relieve itcy pustular eruptions on the back
163  Has cured umbilical hernia with obstinate constipation when Nux Vomica failed
164  Rettling in lungs without fever
Kali Sulphuricum
165  Week slow pulse, anguish palpitations around heart, dyspnoea and pressure towards heart, shooting pains from heart to shoulder blades
Kalmia Latifolia
166  Fermentative dyspespia with bad breadth and smell, flatulance
Carbolic Acid
167  Constipation with horrible bad breadth
Carbolic Acidum
168  Asthmatic Children's constituional remedy
Nat. Sulph.
169  Scurvy
170  Eyelids puffy and swoolen
171  Eyes, glaucoma, degenerative changes in retina cells, green color seems surrounded around candle light
172  Tickling in throat causes cough
173  Sprains, damaged cartilages and flexor tendons
Ruta Graveolens
174  Constant desire to urinate with large quantity of watery urine
175  Fever, great thirst, perspiration relieves all symptoms except headache
176  Coldness in stomach, abdomen is full of gas, feeling as it would burst
177  Epilepsy fron heart disease
Calcarea Arsenate
178  Constriction and pain in the heart region, suffocative feeling, heart pain extended to the back
Calcarea Arsenate
179  Sweet sweat attracts flies and stinging insects
180  Hands and feet turn blue and cold,
181  Nose blocked up, dry and feels obstructed
182  Intense itching but scratching is very painful
Croton Tiglium
183  Drawing pain from left of chest to back, asthma, cannot expand the chest
Croton Tiglium
184  Stool green, watery, frothy like frogpond's scum
Magnesia Carbonica
185  itching relieved by very hot water
186  boils burning sensation on touch
187  Sweat in armpits smells like onions
188  Entire body painfully sensitive to slightest touch
189  Hallucinations of hearing
Cocainum Hydrochloricum (cocaina)
190  Rheumatic pains worse any change of weather
Calcarea Phosphorica
191  Pain with sensitiveness of spine to touch, lumbago, twitching of muscles
Agaricus Muscarius (agaricus Muscarius-amanita)
192  Body large and fat but legs too thin
Ammonium Muriaticum
193  Epilepsy, twitching over the whole body for some days before the attack
Asterias Rubens
194  Breast Cancer
Asterias Rubens
195  Bad effects of opium, tobacco chewing or beetlen chewing
Veratrum Album
196  Palpitations of heart if felt in face
Muriaticum Acidum
197  Cries, screems loud during sleep, body jerks and nervous motion of feet in sleep
Zincum Metallicum
198  Day blindness due to haemaplegia of retina
Bothrops Lanceolatus (bothrops Lanciolatus - Lachesis Lanciolatus)
199  Leukorrhoea offensive smelling, irritating discharge causes itching and burning
Carbolicum Acidum
200  Stammering of speech due to paralysis of tongue
Cuprum Metallicum
201  Cramp in calves and soles
Cuprum Metallicum
202  Symptoms caused by hair cutting (J.H.Clarke)
203  school headaches (Nash)
204  Infertility after heavy use of oral contraceptives
Thuja Occidentalis
205  Girls who are fleshy, pletoric and grow too rapidly
Calcarea Carbonica
206  Always feels better by walking slowly about, although weekness makes him lie down
Ferrum Metallicum
207  Taste terribly fetid, breath horrible
208  Restless, inability to think or to fix the attention, confused
Aethusa Cynapium
209  Intolerance of milk, vomitting as soon as swallowed or in large curds
Aethusa Cynapium
210  Children dwarfed and stunted
211  Whole face puffed and oedematus
212  Condimets produce cough
213  Thickly coated white tongue
Antimonium Crudum
214  Spasmodic cough with rattling of mucus in the larynx
215  Extremely sentimental, desire to talk in rhymes
Antimonium Crudum
216  Heart; violent palpitations with vertigo, headache and restless
Aethusa Cynapium
217  Asthma difficult in getting air into the lungs
218  Asthma difficult in getting air out of the lungs
219  Ailments from terror of conscience, from duty not done or bad act committed
Cyclamen Europaeum (cyclamen)
220  In talking or chewing bites inside of the cheek
Ignatia Amara, Causticum
221  Pain around heart region, cardiac anxiety
Theridion Curassavicum (theridion)
222  Rachîtis, inflammation of the spine
Theridion Curassavicum (theridion)
223  First choice for bee sting
Apis Mel
224   Rheumatism begins in feet, and travels upward (Boericke)
Ledum Palustre
225  Blood Poisoning, septic conditions, snake bite
226  Fever after drenching in rain, predicts time of death
Aconitum Napellus
227  Tongue coated thick white as if whitewashed (Boericke)
Antimonium Crudum
228  Tearing pain during stools, cutting pain after stools lasting for hours.
Nitricum Acidum
229  Digitalis of the Lungs (Hale/Boericke)
230  Medicine to be used only when pulse rate is low
231  Great desire to commit suicide
Aurum Metallicum
232  Afraid of sharp needles and pointed objects
Silicea Terra
233  Paralysis of single parts
234  Miasm means
Obnoxious influencing agents
235  Symptoms worse with noise, touch, strong light
Tarentula Hispana
236  Multiple Sclerosis with trembling, twitching and jerking
Tarentula Hispana
237  Flatulance, shortness of breath, asthma worse after eating, heartburn
238  Rheumatic tearing of limbs and joints, cannot walk without suffering
239  Rheumatism, joints hot painful swelling of joints. Worse on least movement
240  Rheumatism, joints hot painful swelling of joints. Feels better on motion
Rhus Toxicodendron
241  Children slow in learning to walk
242  Samuel Hahnemann got his MD in
243  Prickking coldness in fingers and feet
244  Spasmodic facial twitching
245  Tremor, nervousness, exitement and sleeplessness in children
246  Rheumatic pains in thighs and knees (lower extremeties)
Daphne Indica
247  Gallstone colic and pains due to gallstones
Dioscorea Villosa
248  Spasmodic dry cough with asthma
249  Increases heamoglobin
Ferrum Phosphoricum
250  First stage of cold in the head
Ferrum Phosphoricum
251  Cold in the chest
252  Exophthalmic goitre
Ferrum Iodatum
253  Bach flower remedy suited for -- For those who feel that they have not sufficient strength, mentally or physically, to carry the burden of life placed upon them; the affairs of every day seem too much for them to accomplish, though they generally succeed
Hornbeam [bach Flower Remedy]
254  Bach flower remedy suited for -- Those who are liable to times of gloom, or even despair, as though a cold dark cloud overshadowed them and hid the light and the joy of life.
Mustard [bach Flower Remedy]
255  Bach flower remedy suited for -- The shock of serious news, the loss of some one dear, the fright following an accident, and such like.
Star of Bethlehem[bach Flower Remedy]
256  Bach flower remedy suited for -- Those who live much in the past, perhaps a time of great happiness, or memories of a lost friend, or ambitions which have not come true. They do not expect further hap
Honeysuckle [bach Flower Remedy]
257  Bach flower remedy -- is the remedy for unwanted thoughts, worries and mental arguments, which intrude into the mind and stop people from concentrating on things that they should be doing. Thoughts are repetitive and go nowhere, simply a vicious circle.
White Chestnut [bach Flower Remedy]
258  Bach flower remedy suited for -- Extreme mental anguish, when everything has been tried and there is no light left
Sweet Chestnut [bach Flower Remedy]
259  Bach flower remedy suited for -- Guilt, people who blame themselves for something they feel they have done in the past,
Pine [bach Flower Remedy]
260  Bach flower remedy suited for -- self-pity and resentment
Willow [bach Flower Remedy]
261  Bach flower remedy suited for -- Inability to choose between alternatives
Scleranthus [bach Flower Remedy]
262  Bach flower remedy suited for -- mental torture behind a cheerful face
Agrimony [bach Flower Remedy]
263  Bach flower remedy suited for -- Fear of unknown things
Aspen [bach Flower Remedy]
264  Bach flower remedy suited for -- Intolerance is manifested as outbursts of irritability
Beech [bach Flower Remedy]
265  Bach flower remedy suited for -- The cleansing remedy, also for self-hatred
Crab Apple [bach Flower Remedy]
266  Bach flower remedy suited for -- The plodder who keeps going past the point of exhaustion
Oak [bach Flower Remedy]
267  Bach flower remedy suited for -- Over-concern for the welfare of loved ones
Red Chestnut [bach Flower Remedy]
268  Bach flower remedy suited for -- dreaming of the future without working in the present
Clematis [bach Flower Remedy]
269  Bach flower remedy suited for -- Exhaustion following mental or physical effort
Olive [bach Flower Remedy]
270  Bach flower remedy suited for -- Self-denial, rigidity and self-repression
Rock Water [bach Flower Remedy]
271  Bach flower remedy suited for -- drifting, resignation, apathy
Wild Rose [bach Flower Remedy]
272  Bach flower remedy suited for -- Discouragement after a setback
Gentian [bach Flower Remedy]
273  Bach flower remedy suited for -- Uncertainty over one's direction in life
Wild Oat [bach Flower Remedy]
274  Bach flower remedy suited for -- the inability to say 'no'
Centaury [bach Flower Remedy]
275  Bach flower remedy suited for -- overwhelmed by responsibility
Elm [bach Flower Remedy]
276  Bach flower remedy suited for -- terror and fright
Rock Rose [bach Flower Remedy]
277  Bach flower remedy suited for -- pride and aloofness
Water Violet [bach Flower Remedy]
278  Bach flower remedy suited for -- failure to learn from mistakes
Chestnut Bud [bach Flower Remedy]
279  Bach flower remedy suited for -- dominance and inflexibility
Vine [bach Flower Remedy]
280  Bach flower remedy suited for -- over-enthusiasm
Vervain [bach Flower Remedy]
281  Bach flower remedy suited for -- hatred, envy and jealousy
Holly [bach Flower Remedy]
282  Bach flower remedy suited for -- fear of known things
Mimulus [bach Flower Remedy]
283  Bach flower remedy suited for -- lack of trust in one's own decisions
Cerato [bach Flower Remedy]
284  Bach flower remedy suited for -- Fear of the mind being over-strained, of reason giving way, of doing fearful and dreaded things,
Cherry Plum [bach Flower Remedy]
285  Bach flower remedy suited for -- people are full of love and care for their families and friends. But they expect to receive back all the love they give, with interest, and feel slighted and unnecessa
Chicory [bach Flower Remedy]
286  Bach flower remedy suited for -- for people whose minds drift away from the present into fantasies of the future, or into alternative versions of the present
Clematis [bach Flower Remedy]
287  Bach flower remedy suited for -- For those who feel as if they had something not quite clean about themselves.
Crab Apple [bach Flower Remedy]
288  Bach flower remedy suited for -- people suffering a temporary loss of self-confidence due to the overwhelming amount of responsibility they have taken on.
Elm [bach Flower Remedy]
289  Bach flower remedy suited for -- Those who are easily discouraged. They may be progressing well in illness, or in the affairs of their daily life, but any small delay or hindrance to progress causes depression.
Gentian [bach Flower Remedy]
290  Bach flower remedy suited for -- people who have given up belief that there is any hope for them.
Gorse [bach Flower Remedy]
291  Bach flower remedy suited for -- people who are obsessed with themselves, do not like to be alone. they do anything to keep people with them, all the time talking at exhaustive length about themseve
Heather [bach Flower Remedy]
292  Bach flower remedy suited for -- people who live in the past instead of the present. They feel that their best days are behind them and that there is little to look forward to,
Honeysuckle [bach Flower Remedy]
293  Bach flower remedy suited for -- the remedy against impatience and against frustration and irritability caused by impatience
Impatiens [bach Flower Remedy]
294  Bach flower remedy for -- people who feel that they are not as good as others and that they are bound to fail. They lack confidence in their ability to succeed and so often do not even bother try
Larch [bach Flower Remedy]
295  Bach flower remedy suited for -- deep gloom and depression that descends for no apparent reason out of a clear blue sky. They often list all the reasons they have to feel happy, but still everything fails.
Mustard [bach Flower Remedy]
296  Bach flower remedy suited for -- people who are fulfilling their purpose in life but who under the influence of the opinions, theories or beliefs of others, or of external circumstances in general.
Walnut [bach Flower Remedy]
297  What is the name of the physician who reported the cure of a swollen and almost paralyzed arm by accidental contraction of cowpox?
298  Violent abdominal pain with the sensation as if the belly button were drawn to the spine with a string.
299  Traditionally, homeopaths prefer to use:
Only one medicine at a time
300  The U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires homeopathic medicine to include which of the following on the label:
Level of dilution
301  The philosophy of homeopathic care involves all of the following EXCEPT:
Controlling illness through drugs or surgery
302  Disease having few symptoms is called
One sided disease
303  Full time amoliration with no speacial relief to patient, indicates
304  'Susceptibility' means
All the above
305  'Medicine of Experience' was published in the year
306  Cure takes place by
Secondary curative action
307  The 'Complete smptom' is characterised by
Location, Sensation, Modalities, Concomitants
308  At the end of treatment, the anti-miasmic medicine required is
309  Prognosis of the patient after administration of medicine, mentioned by
310  'Causam Tolle' means
Remove the cause
311  Samual Hahnemann proved
100 drugs
312  What the pathologists of today call "Gonorrheal infection" is what homeopath term "Sycosis". -- Who made such statement
J H Allen
392  E. Beta thalassaemia (Dr. B. N. Chakraborty)
Calcarea Arsenica 200
313  Motion Sickness
Cocculus Indicus (cocculus), Petroleum
506  Chronic liver affections with tenderness and pain, and constipation.
Magnesium Muriaticum
314  Carbuncle, boil in urethera
Thuja Occidentalis
315  Cysts
Apis Mellifica, Iodium
316  Loss of flesh with great appetite. Hungry without thirst
317  Ripens abscesses because it promotes suppuration
Silicea Terra
318  All conditions are better from cold
Secale Cornutum (claviceps Purpurea)
319  ______ is always cold but wants hot surroundings. Hugs the fire.
Silicea Terra
320  ______ is always warm but wants cold surroundings.
321  A condition that causes some areas of the body, such as your fingers, toes, tip of the nose and ears, feel numb and cool in response to cold temperatures or stress?
Raynaud's disease
322  Raynaud's disease
Secale Cornutum (claviceps Purpurea), Arsenicum Album
323  Fissures, anal fissures
Ledum Palustre (ledum)
324  Fistula, Anal fistulas
Silicea, Nitric Acidum, Flouricum Acidum
325  Kelloids
Flouricum Acidum
326  Angina pactoris, feels a rod in inserted in the heart area of the chest
327  Fibroma, Fibroids
Calcarea Iodata
328  Great desire for sweets
Argentum Nitricum
329  Headache better with tight bandaging and pressure
Argentum Nitricum
330  Small cuts, tatooing or injuries to skin become much swoolen and inflammed
331  Stools greenish, bloody, slimy with pain and tenesmus(constant feeling of the need to empty the bowel, accompanied by pain, cramping, and involuntary straining efforts)
Mercurius Corrosivus
332  Painless dysentry, green stools with much mucus.
333  Haemophelia (internal and or external bleeding)
Natrum Salicylicum, Phosphorus
334  Angina Pectoris, violent pains in the heart region. Pain extending to arma and fingers
Latrodectus Mactans
335  Hot hands and cold feet
336  Homeopathy dynamic antiseptic (H. C. Allen)
337  Dysentry watery, noisy, flatulant, green full of mucus with enormous distention of stomach -- immidiately after eating or drinking or after sweets.
Argentum Nitricum
338  Fever due to inflammations, with cold wave and thirst and sleeplessness
339  Fever with musculor soreness, chills but no thirst at all.
Gelsemium Sempervirens (gelsemium)
340  Uterine fibroids, pain in ovaries, labia swollen and itching. Menses are too watery
Gossypium Herbaceum (gossypium)
341  Angine Pactoris, heart violent intermittent palpitation. Beating in all arteries. Tremulous feeling with flushes.
342  Ball like sensation in innter parts
343  Furrow in the upper surface of the tongue length-wise.
Mercurius Solubilis (mercurius - Hydrargyrum)
344  Pain and swelling of salivary glands
Mercurius Cyanatus
345  Tendency of farmation of thin, greenish, putrid, streaked with thin blood PUS.
Mercurius Solubilis (mercurius - Hydrargyrum)
346  All symptoms are worse at night
347  Bright's disease (It is typically denoted by the presence of albumin (blood plasma) in the urine, and frequently accompanied by edema) (tissue particulate).
Mercurius Corrosivus
348  Gums soft and spongy, teeth lose, pyorrhoea, ptyalism(drooling)
Mercurius Corrosivus
349  Catarrhal inflammations of ear, eustachian deafness
Mercurius Dulcis
350  Dysentery, tenesmus not relieved by stool, increasant. Stool hot bloody, slimy, offensive with cutting pains and shreads of mucuos membranes.
Mercurius Dulcis
351  Violent outbursts of temper, very sensitive to what other say about her
352  Abscessess, hives and skin eruptions -- worse warm applications
Lycopodium Clavatum
353  Arteriosclerosis (narrowing and hardening of the arteries) with flushed face, pulsating arteries, threatened apoplexy (stroke)
354  Sunstrokes, sun headaches increas and decrease with sun. Shocks in h ead synchronous with pulse.
355  Heart, fluttering, palpitations, pulsuting and throbbing in whole body to fingertips.
356  Headaches, as if a band around the head
357  Orchitis, testicle worse left, swoolen, painful, drawn up, feel crushed.
358  Orchitis, testicle worse right, swoolen, painful, drawn up, feel crushed.
Spongia Tosta
359  Surging of heart in chest as it would force out upward.
Spongia Tosta
360  Icy cold h ands and feet with warmth of the rest of the body
Squilla Maritima
361  Cough, mucous expelled by forcible cough. Chest feels week, can hardly talk.
362  Symptoms recorded by attendent, family people, friends and physicians are called as:
Objective symptoms
363  Symptoms related to a particular part are called ______ symptom.
Particular symptoms
364  Case taking is
Both a and b
365  Ideal way of drug proving is to prove it on
On healthy human being
366  Where is the Survey of medicinal plant and collection unit of C.C.R.H (India)
367  ____ defined constituion as teh internal state of vital dynamic which we observe on physical body
Dr. J. T. Kent
368  ______ called as father of medicine
369  Eczema, thick scabs, dry and itch violently but scratching changes location of the itching.
370  She wants the head high, feels uncomfortable with just one pillow. Lies with hands above head.
Pulsatilla Pratensis (pulsatilla)
371  Dry cough in the evening, must sit up in the bed to get relief.
Pulsatilla Pratensis (pulsatilla)
372  Gangrenous inflations
Arsenicum Album
373  Dr. Boenninghausen was converted to homeopathy because _______ cured his purulent tuberculosis
Pulsatilla Pratensis (pulsatilla)
374  In Vienna Dr. Samuel Hahnemann was favourite pupil of
Dr. Von Quarin
375  Magic of ______ for his disease, Gangrene converted Dr. C. Hering to homeopathy
Arsenicum Album
376  What to do when there is prolnged aggravation and final decline of patient?
Anti dote
377  When a dose of medicine is showing much effect..
Wait and watch
378  Susceptibility is _____ in Health
379  Constipation is ______ Symptom
380  Symptome related to mind are
381  Cool dry weather aggravates is a _____ symptom
382  Polyurea with coryza is and example of symptom
383  Erosion in throat is an ____ symptom
384  The symptoms which is related to particular part or organ is called as _____ Symptom
385  Ailments from grief is ______ symptom
386  Small quantity of thirst at smaller intervl is marked in all is a ______ symptom
387  Burning amoliorated by heat is _______ symptom.
388  Mental general is greater than physical general symptoms. This statement was made by
389  In comparation of location, sensation is
More important
390  The drug mentioned under the rubric 'Eccentricity' is
Veratrum Album
391  First medicine proved by Samual Hahnemann
393  Progressive muscular atrophy, excessive emaciation. (Dr. R. Hughes)
Plumbum Metallicum
394  Heart - dilation and valvular mischiefs (Dr. R. Hughes)
Calcarea Arsenica
395  Heart - coronory thrombosis (Dr. Prosad Banarjee)
Arnica Montana
396  Heart - hypotension (Dr. Samual Hahnemann)
Viscum Album
397  Trembling of hands and legs (Dr. Bromino)
Lolium Temulentum
398  Legs fall sleep espacially when sitting with legs crossed. Heels feel numb (Dr. Cuthbert)
399  Acute Filaria (Elephantiasis) (The Homeo Heritage, April 1989)
Strychinum arsenicosum
400  Yellow leucorrhoea with severe bachache
401  Gonorrhoea (Dr. W. Boericke)
Visicaria Communis Q
402  Earache after a plane ride
403  Prevention and Cure of hangover and related symptoms
Nux Vomica
404  A homeopathic remedy becomes stronger (From Red line prescriptions)
the more diluted it is
405  Multiple Sclerosis of brain and cord, chronic constipation
Baryta Muriatica
406  Arterio Sclerosis of lungs
Baryta Muriatica
407  Immature cataract
Calcaria Iodata
408  Progressive myopia, profuse sweet
Calcarea Phosphorica
409  Glucoma
Areca (betal nut)
410  Keratitis (cornial ulcers)
Abrus Precatorius-- Jequirity (ratti)
411  Otitis prevents sppuration
412  Gout (Dr C. Hering)
Benzoic Acidum
413  Right sided migrine headaches
414  Left sided migrines headaches
415  Hydrocephalus
Hedera Helix Q
416  Myophia
417  Bell's palsy (left)
Ammonium Causticum
418  Bell's palsy (right)
419  Frozen shoulder (right)
420  Heel Spur
Hecla Lava
421  It reduces the size of gall-stones
Boldo Fragrans Q
422  Hernia (Red prescription)
Belladonna 1x, Nux Vomica 1X
423  Chronic amoebic dysentry
Calcarea Iodata
424  Appedicular mass
Bryonia Alba
425  Acute appendicitis
Baptesia Tinctora
426  Jaundice and liver symptoms
Lycopodium Clavatum
427  Round and thread worms
Chelon Glabra
428  Any type of constipation
Magnesium Muricatum
429  Peritonitis (meaning that pressing a hand on the abdomen elicits pain, but releasing the hand abruptly will aggravate the pain)
Bryonia Alba
430  Diarrhoea after antibiotics
Nitric Acidum
431  Difficult healing of wounds in diabetic persons
Calcarea Sulphurica
432  Aluminum poisoning from eating/cooking in aluminum wares.
433  Suffers with great hunger and eats beyond his capacity
Abies Canadensis
434  Pain due to pancreatitis or pancreatic stones
Atropinum 3x
435  Left sided inguinal hernia
Thuja Occidentalis
436  Right sided inguinal hernia
437  Infantile enlarged liver and spleen
Calcarea Arsenica
438  Always washing his hands
439  Ulceration of mouth, nose, genitals and skin
440  Itchthyosis
441  Teeth decay at gums
442  Craves alcohol, hereditary tendency of alcoholics
443  In amoebic dysentry, prevents liver abcess
444  Obstruction of bowels that has no mechanical cause and incarcenated and even strangulated hernia
Plumbum Metallicum
445  Thread worms
446  Dysentry, intense pain after stools, persiparation before and after stools
Mercury Corrosive
447  Sensitiveness of liver region, patient cannot bear lying of on painful side
Lycopodium Clavatum
448  Giardia infection
Chelon Glabra
449  Jaundiace with fever
Cadmium Sulphate
450  Distortion of mouth, facial paralysis, trembling of jaw, more left side
Cadmium Sulphate
451  Black bloody vomit and stools with pain and cold.
Cadmium Sulphate
452  Sweet of head but body dry
Silicea Terra
453  Sweat of body but head dry
Rhus Toxicodendron
454  Painful erruptions with pus
Hepar Sulphuricum
455  Bleeding piles with great itch.
Calcarea Flourica
456  Leucoderma/vitiligo
Arsenicum Sulphuratum Flavum (arsenic Trisulph)
457  Herpes Zoster
Ranunculus Bulbosus
458  Hodgkins lympohoma (cancer of lymph glands)
Hoang Nan
459  Great thickness of skin and scales
Hydrocotyle Asiatica
460  Nattle rash over whole body with liver complains
Astacus Fluviatilis (cancer Astacus)
461  Severe itching aggravated by undressing, old eczema, psoriasis, fissures in the folds of skin.
Kali Arsinate
462  Black spots on both cheeks
463  Blackish pigmentation of face
464  Praised as an instantaneous voice producer
Populs Candicans
465  Clergyman's/speaker's sore raw throat
Arum Triphyllum
466  Excoriation (erosion or destruction of the skin by mechanical means) of thigh in walking
Aethusa Cynapium
467  Haemmorhoids (piles) painful, most sensitive to all touch
Lycopodium Clavatum, Muriaticum Acidum
468  Tenesmus (is the constant feeling of the need to empty the bowel) relieved by stools.
Nux Vomica
469  Diarrhoea of long standing, early in the morning, painless, prolapse of rectum before or after stool
470  Constant jerking of head
Agaricus Muscarius (agaricus Muscarius-amanita)
471  Left sided hemiplegia (vertical half of a patient's ... Weakness and strength)
Bothrops Lanceolatus (bothrops Lanciolatus - Lachesis Lanciolatus)
472  Intolerant of cold things, craves everything warm.
Lycopodium Clavatum
473  Worse from heat and warm room except better from warm food and drinks.
Lycopodium Clavatum
474  Dryness of mouth and tongue, throat. Without thirst
Lycopodium Clavatum
475  Dryness of mouth and tongue, throat. With thirst
Bryonia Alba
476  Alopecia (hair loss) following acute exhaustive disease
477  Diabetic skin problems
478  Non hodgkins lymphoma
Carbolic Acidum
479  Jaundice, cirrhosis, liver cancer
Myrica Cerifera (myrica)
480  Leucaemia (blood cancer)
Benzolum (benzenum - Coal Naphtha)
481  Neuritis (Inflammation of a nerve or group of nerves)
Myristica Sebifera
482  Hemiplegia with aphasia (speech disorder)
Bothrops Lanceolatus (bothrops Lanciolatus - Lachesis Lanciolatus)
483  Perianal Fistula
Silicea Terra
484  Beri Beri
Oxydendron Arboreum (oxydendron - Andromeda Arborea)
485  Meniere's Syndrome (Vertigo, hearing loss, tinnitus due to ear nerves problems)
Natrium Salicylicum (natrum Salicylicum)
486  Buerger's Disease is a rare condition where blood vessels in the legs and sometimes the arms become inflamed causing a reduction in blood flow. Clots may also form in these blood vessels preventing adequate blood flow.
487  Downs syndrome
Baryta Carbonica
488  Wilson's disease is an inherited disorder where there is excessive amounts of copper in the body's tissues. This causes a variety of effects, including liver disease and damage to the nervous system.
489  Preventive for asiatic cholera
Cuprum Arsenicosum
490  Preventive for meningitis
491  Retarded child with Cerebral Palsy
492  Motor demyelinating polyneuropathy, writer's cramps, tremors of hands
Gelsemium Sempervirens (gelsemium)
493  Facial epilepsy, convulsions
Cuprum Metallicum
494  Pituitary adenoma
Gelsemium Sempervirens (gelsemium)
495  Ganglion
496  Paralysis of facial nerver, pain worse opening mouth
Cocculus Indicus (cocculus)
497  Nausea and vomiting followed by creeping chills from feet upward
Vespa Crabro
498  Herpes circinatus (blisters in the circle but away from center)
499  Herpes (perputialis)
Hepar Sulphur
500  Itchthyosis with offensive odor of skin
501  Eczema worse elbows and kneees
502  Old spreading ulcers of skin, itching yellow
Chelidonium Majus
503  Inclination to singing irrestible, romantic girls.
Cocculus Indicus (cocculus)
504  Pain in the shoulder and arms as if bruised
Cocculus Indicus (cocculus)
505  Trigeminal neuralgia that is right sided and better for warmth
Magnesium Phosphoricum
507  Wrist rheumatism
Actea Spicta
508  A liver remedy with characterstics constipation.
Magnesium Muriaticum (magnesia Muriatica)
509  Neuralgic pains relieved by warmth, worse right
Magnesium Phosphoricum (magnesia Phosphorica)
510  Thick leukorrhea, weary pain in the small of back and thighs on moving about
Magnesium Sulphuricum (magnesia Sulphurica)
511  Women who stand for long hours (shop girls) complain of sore feet and pain in the body
Squilla Maritima
512  Frozen shoulder with stiffness of neck
Ruta Graveleons
513  Enlarged lympy glands in left axilla, glossitis (tongue inflammation)
514  Bullae (blisters) which open and leave raw surface, exuding and ichorous fluid
Bufo Rana, Ranunculus Scleratus
515  Erysipelas - Erysipelas is a superficial bacterial skin infection that characteristically extends into the cutaneous lymphatics.
Champhora Officinalis
516  Basedow's disease (Graves' disease) A disorder characterized by a triad of hyperthyroidism, goiter, and exophthalmos (bulging eyeballs).
Ferrum Sulphate
517  Painful dentation of children
518  Very rapid decay of teeth with spongy bleeding gums
519  If patient has dry hair _____ is one of the possible choices.
Thuja Occidentalis
520  Left nasal passage is blocked
Berbaris Vulgaris
521  Neuralgic pain under finger nails. Sometimes it is in the form of throbbing pain unusual symptom of ______
Berbaris Vulgaris
522  Back ache with chill along the spine are leading indications of ________
Berbaris Vulgaris
523  The back is completely broken ....painful, there is chill in the area of the back ...like cold wind blowing on it.
Bellis Perennis
524  Cough after eating or drinking
Spongia Tosta
525  Cardiac asthma, a lung tonic.
Antimonium Arsenate
526  Increases secreation, mucus in nose, throat, brochitis, tough mucus in bronchi and larynx
Antimonium Muriatum
527  A remedy for cancer
Antimonium Sulphuratum Auratum
528  Cough relieved by cold
529  Dry barking cough and tuberculosis in chest
Tussilago Petasites
530  Cardiac Asthma
531  Asthma, loud musical whistling resperation
Aralia Racemosa
532  Cold settles in the eyes
533  Asthma, aggravation from eating cold things
534  Asthma, aggravated by dust
535  Epistaxis with flushed face and pain in forehead, better nosebleed
Bufo Rana
536  Acts as circular muscles, hence heart and heart valves
Cactus Grandiflora
537  Antidotes almost all vegetable remedies
538  Very sensitive to cold, icy cold body, hands, tongue, worse contact cold air
539  Cough from excessive use of voice
540  Region of liver cold, soreness
Cadmium Sulphuricum
541  Hard, Stony Glands and enlarged veins
Calcarea Fluorica (fluor Spar)
542  Women with chronic pelvic disorders
543  Averson to smell tobacco, Inclination to vomit, Hunger after meals. Desire for hot drinks.
544  Constant pain under inferior angle of right scapula. Ailments brought or renewed by change of weather.
Chelidonium Majus
545  Nervous erethism. Hysteria and chorea. Low fevers with extreme restlessness. Sore nipples.
Eupatorium Aromaticum
546  Low vitality, with weak heart and slow, weak pulse. Bright's disease.
Adonis Vernalis
547  Marked action on the liver, with jaundice and mucous membranes. Persistent sleeplessness.
Myrica Cerifera (myrica)
548  Diseases of the genito-urinary tract and skin. Ill effect of anger and insults. Sexual sins and excesses. Very sensitive.
549  Respiratory infections of children, dry nervous asthma. whooping-cough, severe spasms but littel sputum.
Thymus Serpyllum
550  Most effect on female organs. More power over uterine tumors than any other remedy. Swelling on lower jaw, Swelling of testicle. High blood presssure due to disturbed function of nervous mechanism.
Aurum Metallicum
551  Acts on muscular fibers of the blood-vessels. First remedy in the injury to the deeper tissue, after major sergical work. Intolerance of cold bathing.
Bellis Perennis
552  Infusion for painful urination with sense of constriction and backache.
Cucurbita Citrullus
553  A perfect picture of collapse, with extreme coldness, blueness and weakness. Post operative shock with cold sweat on forehead.
Veratrum Album
554  Icy coldness in stomach. Sexual disere increased. Prostatitis. Violent pain in wrist
555  Gasto-intestinal irritation, nausea, vomiting, colic, diarrhea and skin eruption, all caused by over-dosing.
Borax Veneta (borax)
556  Acts specially on the portal system, with venous congestion. Weakness, yellow comlexion, bearing-down sensation, especially in women.
Sepia Officinalis (sepia)
557  Halloucination or mania with defective eye sight.
Astragalus Mollissimus
558  Chronic diseases with syphilitic and mercurical history. Acts especially upon lower tissue, bedsores, ulcerations, varicose vein, and ulcers.
Fluoricum Acidum
559  An overian remedy, produces the symptoms complex of chronic Oophoritis. Useful where the parenchyma of the gland is not totally destroyed.
Palladium Metallicum (palladium)
560  A remedy of first importance in chronic nasal catarrh with atrophy. Loss of sense of smell.
Teucrium Marum Verum (teucrium Marum)
561  Acts directly on intestinal mucous membrance, Has vaso-dilatory properties. Patients who eat a great deal, more especially meat, than they drink.
Allium Sativum
562  The entire force of this drug work on the brain. Sensation as if limbs were seperated from the body.
563  Great rattling of mucus but little expectorated
Antimonium Tartrum
564  Potatoes do not agree
565  Loves fat and tolerate it well. (Pulsatilla opposite)
Nux Vomica
566  Boils and slowly suppurating absesses
Operculena Turpethum
567  Bio chemic for Osteo-sarcoma
Calcaria Flour
568  Bio chemic for persiperation on eyebrows
Calcaria Phos
569  Bio Chemic for Hodgkin's disease
Kali Mur
570  Bio Chemic for Memory weakness, Home Sickness, Hurry, Hysteria
Kali Phos
571  Bio Chemic for Condylomata
Natrum Sulph
572  Leading medicine for reducing sugar in urine
Syzigium Jambolanum
573  Antidot to bad effects of electric shocks
574  Medicine to be invariably tried in muscular dystrophe
575  A medicine of value in Hypoglycemia
Alumina Silicata
576  Profuse discharge from mucous surface. Antidotes ill effects of eating shellfish. Symptoms return at the same time every year.
Urtica Urens
577  Gasto intestinal irritation. Dread of downward motion. Sensitive to sudden noise.
Borax Veneta (borax)
578  A great cough remedy. Constant vomiting of blakish fluid, with pain in stomach. Skin itches intolerable.
Pix Liquida
579  Lowers temperature. Increased susceptibility to cold. Destroys red blood corpuscles.
580  Stimulates the organism to re-absorbe fibrotic conditions and scar tissue. Ill effect of vaccination. Intelerance of alcoholic stimulants.
Silicea Terra (silicea)
581  Produces nephiritis, diabetes, degeneration of the liver, high blood Pressure and dropsy.
Uranium Nitricum
582  Remedy for nervous, hysterical people, suffering with neuralgia headache and insomnia.
Ammonium Valerianicum
583  Stimulates functional activity of all organs, increasing the nervous and vasculart activity.
Coffea Cruda
584  Develops in the organism by attacking blood, glands, and bone. Great desire to commit suicide. A remedy for victim of syphilis.
Aurum Metallicum
585  Pain in region of kidneys. Kidneys sensitive to pressure. Bright's disease. Hay-fever.
Solidago Virgaurea (solidago Virga)
586  Sexual neurasthenia. impotency. Chronic prostatic discharge.
Damiana (turnera)
587  Acts on alimentary canal and respiratory organs. Hard racking cough, blood expectoration.
Acalypha Indica
588  Bone Cancer
Calcarea Fluorica (fluor Spar)
589  Pneumococcal meningitis (inflammation or infection of the membranes covering the brain and spinal cord caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae)
Kali Iodatum
590  Nasal Catarrh involving frontal sinus
Kali Iodatum
591  Rough nodules all over the body
Kali Iodatum
592  Weeps loudly during sleep but unconscious of it
Kali Iodatum
593  Protective against foot and mouth disease of cattle
Kali Iodatum
594  Has cured many types of tumors based upon syphilitic and/or tubercular miasms
Kali Iodatum
595  Sweat only on uncovered parts
Thuja, Pulsatilla
596  Yellow Dandruff
Kali Sulphuricum
597  Uncertainity in walking stumbles over everything on the way
Agaricus Muscaricus
598  Tonsils form plugs of mucus constantly
Calcarea Flurica
599  Round warts
Calcarea Carbonica
600  Red blood cells irregulor and smaller
Apis Melifica
601  Red birth marks
602  Remedy for old labours
Bellis Perennis
603  dripping coryza worse bending head down
604  Numbness on becoming cold
605  Old cicatrices become red arund edes and become open ulcers
Flouric Acid
606  Pain in parts injuried long ago
607  Painless bright haemorrhaes without fever
608  Painless tonsilitis
Baptisia Tinctoria (baptisia)
609  Perspiration in small isolated parts
Ignatia Amara
610  Pre ulcerative stages of cancer
Lapis Albus
611  Prevents formation of calculi
Fragaria Vesca (Wood Strawberry)
612  Pulse quicker than heart beat
613  Pyloric Stenosis (A condition that can cause your baby to vomit forcefully and often and may cause other problems such as dehydration and salt and fluid)
Aethusa, Ornithogalum
614  Medicine that cured many epilepsy and convulstion patients.
621  Ulcers with jagged zigzag margins
Nitric Acidum
615  feeling of separation of muscles on back side of heart. how to remedy it.
Sanguinarinum Nitricum (sanguinarina Nitrica)
616  burning of soles with diabities
Cochlearia Armoracia (armoracia Sativa)
617  What is the overall ratio of dilutant to crude substance of the very first potency of the LM scale?
1:50 000 000 000
618  What is the name of this flower, it is used to make ointments to be applied on external wounds
619  Following picture shows a simian hand. This indicates ADD. One of the medicine to treat ADD is ________
Baryta Carbonica
620  Remedy for chronic fatigue.
Phosphoric Acidum, Selenium
622  Ulcers of joints
623  Urticarea of ankles
Natrum Muricatum
624  Audible movements in the abdomen
Aloe Socretes
625  Blue line across the margin of gum
Plumbum Metallicum
626  Chill running up and down the back
Gelsemium Sempervirens
627  Tongue coated greenish yellow
Chelone Glabra (chelone)
628  Tongue cracked in all directions
Both A and B
629  Urticarea of uncovered parts
Apis Mellifica
630  Women with large breasts
Chimaphila Umbellata
631  Wounded parts are cold to touch
Ledum Palustre (ledum)
632  NOT an anti-sycotic:
Calc. Phos
633  Placenta high up in funders, could not be removed by gentle traction
634  Skin cold yet can't bear to be covered
Both A and B
635  Pain excruciating beyond discription
Oxalic Acidum
636  Ragged philosopher
637  Keeps up brightly when in the company
Palladium Metallicum
638  White urticarea
Naturm Muricatum
639  Talking about woman causes emission
640  Soft pulse in hyperesthesia of heart
Ignatia Amara
641  Pulse heavy and hard as Iron, slow
Veratrum Viride
642  Pulse strone, full and hard
643  Premature menopause
644  Pulse fast and irregular
Viscum Album
645  Surface of body stone cold
Chloralum Hydratum (chloralum)
646  New vesicles form from the contact of exudates
647  Pagets dise4ase of bones
Calcarea Phosphorica
648  Hair fall in handful
649  Black discharges
Elaps Corallinus
650  High systolis pressure with low diastolic pressure
Baryta Muriatica
651  House maid's knees
Sticta Pulmunarea
652  Incontinence of urine, can't get out of bed quick enough
653  Induration and narrowing of cardiac orifices with ain immidiately after eating
Baryta Muriatica
654  Irregular disposition of fat
655  Jerkind of head during sleep
Arnica Montana
656  Large blisters on the skin as from scalds
657  Chronic blepharitis
Antimonium Crudum
658  Cold travels from nose to chest
Kali Iodatum
659  Inflammation of frontal sinus with stopped up sensation
Kali Bichromate
660  Makes mistakes in spellings, cannot read his own handwriting
Lycopodium Clavatum
661  Ailments from onions
662  Ailments from rice
Kali Muriatum
663  Ailments from surprises
664  Ailments from unripe fruits
Rheum Palmatum (rheum)
665  Ailments from hot and worm weather
666  Ailments from warm and wet weather
Carbo Veg, Gelsemium
667  Alments from winter
Sanguinarinum Nitricum (sanguinarina Nitrica)
668  Ailments from cabbage
Lycopodium, Petroleum
669  Ailments from butter
Carbo Vegetabilis
670  Ailments from inhaling bad odour
671  Bad effects of getting wet after being overheated
Belladonna, Rhus Toxicodendron
672  Insanity from disappointed in love
Tarentula Hispana
673  Insomnia from long history of parental control
674  Bad effects of iron tonics
675  Complaints in the high altitude
676  Congestive headaches after talking
Coffea Cruda
677  Congestive headaches after wine
Silicea Terra
678  Heel pain better by rubbing the affected area, worse while stepping on it.
ammonium muriaticum
679  Thickining of skin and exfoliation of scales
Hydrocotyle Asiatica
680  Excessive flow of saliva, it runs out during sleep
681  Desire to be in cold wind
Pulsatilla, Tuberculenum
682  Constant sinusitis
683  Cough so violent it seems as each spell would terminate the life
684  Frequent chills sveral times a day
685  Fever with burning heat which he cannot feel
686  Fidgety of hands (unable to rest hands)
Kali Bromatum
687  Flexor type of cramps (painless spasms)
Cuprum Metallicum
688  Food falls from mouth while chewing
Argentum Nitricum
689  Nux Vomica is worse in the morning (4-8AM), worse cold
Lycopodium is worse in the evening (4-8PM), worse from heat.
690  Chronic constipation with dark had knotty lumps united wiht mucus threads
691  Can't stand smallest quantity of wine
Zinc Metallicum
692  Cataract in women
693  Chest can't be fully expanded
Abies Nigra
694  Chilliness and coldness even when near the fire
Cadmium Sulphuricum
695  Child week without cause
Sulphuric Acidum
696  Chronic opthalmia that constantly recur
697  Cicatrices (scar from wound) thin green
Ledum Pulsut
698  Cicatrices (scar from wound) thin blue or red
Sulphuric Acidum
699  Chronic belching
700  Circumscribed pigmentation following eczematous inflammation
Berbaris Vulgaris
701  Cold tears
702  Constant drops from blood from rectum, no blood with stools
Cobaltum, Pulsatilla
703  Antidotal to all anesthetic remedies
Acetic Acidum
704  Aversion to green things
Magnesium Carbonicum
705  Breast tumors in young married women
Chimaphila Umbellata
706  A tissue remedy for sclerosed arteries, cardiac asthma
707  Acne characterized by symmetry in distribution
Arnica Montana
708  Nose dry obstructed, suffocative feeling
709  Child awakes suddenly nearly suffocating, sits up
710  Urticarea with constipation
711  Urticaria without itching
Uva Ursi
712  Vericose veins with bursting pain
713  African fever
Theridion Curassavicum (theridion)
714  Swelling of vagina during pregnency
715  Vericose veins with prickling
716  Tenesmus of rectum and bladder at the same time
717  Thin watery stools pass unnoticed while urinating
Muriatic Acidum
718  Dribbling of semen during sleep. Dribbling of prostatic fluid. Irritability after coitus. Loss of sexual power, with lascivious fancies. Increases desire, decreases ability. Semen thin, odorless. Sexual neurasthenia. On attempting coition, penis relaxes.
Selenium Metallicum (selenium)
719  Paralysis with sweat
720  Paralysis with twitching
721  Ailments better after discharges
Lachesis Muta
722  Nasal and rectal symptoms marked. Itching in anus or nose.
Teucrium Marum Verum (teucrium Marum)
723  What medicine can remove prolapse of disc
Calcaria phosphoricum
724  Constipation when away from home
Lycopodium Clavatum
725  Nasal congestion after each onset of cold
726  Soles of feet itchy and numb
Calcarea Sulphurica
727  Testes hardened and enlarged
Conium Maculatum
728  Vertigo on movements. Delerium, delerium in fevers.
Conium Maculatum
729  Yellowish discharges. When boil must be brought to suppurative state.
Calcarea Sulphurica
730  A rheumatism remedy
Cinnabaris (Red Sulphide of Mercury)
731  Boring pain in heels towards evening
732  Worse from heat and rich fat foods, feels better in open air.
733  Arms and hands become numb, burning soles.
734  Cancer of breast from old scars
735  Chapped fingers about nails
Naturm Muricatum
736  Thirsless, peevish and chilly
737  Headache aggravated by rains
Phytolacca Decandra
738  Headache increases in the morning, increases during day and lasts until evening
739  Heel pains when sitting
740  Irritability when alone
741  Itching aggravated by contact
Ranunculus Bulbus
742  Feet icy cold at day, burning hot at night
Natrum Phosphoricum
743  Dyspnoea upon entering warm room from open air
Bryonia Alba
744  Epileptic fit occur during sleep at night
Bufo Rana
745  Every turn or motion causes pain in the spine
Agaricus Muscarius
746  Fainting from least exertion
Veratrum Album
747  Which patient says that I am not sick.
Arnica Montana
748  Which one is weather cock among remedies
Pulsatilla Nigrans
749  Who is the leader in rectal tenesmus
Mercury Corr.
750  In which group debility is more marked
All acid group
751  Which drug is used for abuse of steroids
Kali Bichromate
752  Polycrest covering all three miasms
All three above
753  What is the nickname of Cicuta Vir.
754  When colocynth fails to relieve colic, which drug to be considered
Magnesium Phosphoricum
755  Patient feels: If I could vomit, I would feel better
Nux Vomica
756  Medicine recommended as prophylectic in Malayria and African fevers
757  Which one is the chronic of Aconite
758  Which medicine is used in retention of urine in infants
Aconite Naplus
759  Which medicine is effective in undescended testicles of boys
760  Child repeats everything said to him
Zincum Metallicum
761  Obstinate constipation, when Nux Vomica fails
762  Leader among all remedies for typhoid
Baptesia Tinctora
763  Always busy yet accomplishes nothing
Argentum Nitricum
764  Common character of carbon group.
All the above
765  Drug of choice for lead poisoning
766  The mountaineer's remedy
767  Pain from tear duct around eye to temple. Espacially running from inner to outer canthus
Mercury Sulphate
768  When all kali group are contraindicated
When fever
769  Baby have filthy smell, even after bathing
770  Which medicine is homeopathy steroid
771  Convulsions due to cerebral tumor
Plumbum Metallicum
772  Complaints without pain
Both A and B
773  Mushroom poisoning
774  Convulsions due to uterine disease
775  Who think all persons are demons
776  Which medicine would correct the abnormal presentation of fetus
777  Abortion due to drugs, stimulants and constipation
Nux Vomica
778  When belladonna is indicated but does not work
Lachesis Muta
779  Which medicine suits alderly woman who gave birth to many children
Secale Cornutum
780  Who complains that child is in wrong position
781  Who is not suspicious
782  When fever is present or when there are abdominal pains, he covers up but after these pass the skin becomes cold and he uncovers
783  Old misers with wrinkled face
Lycopodium Clavatum
784  A beautiful lady tries to suicide in the failed love
785  Painful sutures
786  Aurum Metallicum is used for jaundice during pregnency, which is the se4cond one
787  Skin is drawn tight over wound
Kali Phosphoricum
788  Who can't do anything new
Agaricus Muscaricus
789  Delayed mensses with undeveloped mammae
Lycopodium Clavatum
790  Idopathic menstural discharges
791  Mumps without fever
Kali Muricatum
792  Progressive muscular distrophy
All the above
793  Delayed puberty in girls
Calcarea Phosphorica
794  Who will do several things at once
Lillium Tigrium
795  Leading remedy indicated for intussusception
All the above
796  Indignation during pregnency
Naturum Muricatum
797  Relapsed Jaundice
798  Impotent yet lascivious
799  Can't do thing fast enough
Sulphuric Acidum
800  Marasmus inspite of proper feeding
Magenisia Carbonica
801  Looks at sky without reason
802  Acid indicated for streptococcal infection
Sulphuric Acid
803  Bleeding from rectum after surgery
Nitric Acidum
804  Menal depression due to sterility
Aurum Metallicum
805  Coronory sclerosis
Aurum Metallicum
806  Acne appearing at adolescent
Kali Bromatum
807  Sits with knee draw up, rests her head and arms on the knees
Arsenum Album
808  Moaning with every breadth
809  Wears coat even in the summer
Hepar Sulphurica
810  Hairs falling during pregnency
Lachesis Muta
811  Complimentary to Aethusa
Calcarea Carbonica
812  Hematemesis (vomitting of fresh blood) in infants
Lycopodium Clavatum
813  Complementary of coffea
814  Which remedy should not be given before or after Silicea
815  Feels the thyroid body is compressed
Naturm Arsinate
816  Consttuinal defficient in animal heat
All the above
817  Chronic of belladonna
Calcarea Carbonica
818  Imbical harnia with obstinate constipation
Cocculus Indicus
819  Excoriating discharges, pulsating all over the body, small wounds bleed profusely
820  Copius thin, brown, offensive, acrid leucorrhea
Kali Arsinate
821  Sings obscence songs
822  Cold settles in the eyes.
823  Joint injury when arnica fails
Bryonia Alba
824  Chronic urticarea when Rhus fails
825  Complimentary to Rhus Toxicodendron
Plumbum Metallicum
826  Chronic constipation in women
827  Who has cured colic when Nux vomica and Colocynthis failed
828  Famous medicine to treat Gout and Uric acid
Benzoic Acidum
829  Her symptoms are changable like pulsatilla but she is opposite to pulsatilla
Actea Racemosa
830  Respiratory troubles induced by dust
Pothos Foetida
831  Why Argentum patient can not lie on the right side
Because of palpitations
832  When growth of fetus is arrested
Secale Corr.
833  Otic nerve atrophy
834  Mental symptoms appear and physical disappear and vice versa
835  Who cannot turn the eye without turning whe whole body
836  In sufficient of absence of milk in nursing women
Urtica Uranus
837  Dry and itchy eczema when Sulphur and Arsinum failed
Tarentula Hispana
838  Pain due to appandicitis
Lycopodium Clavatum
839  First remedy to be tried to Haemophilic person
Crotalus Horrendus
840  Remedy which helps to dissolve the gallstones.
841  If infant has not passed urine
842  Post measels complications
Arsenum Album
843  Vomitting with convulsive gaging
844  Mumps
Pilocarpina Muricata
845  Best remedy or radiation damage
846  Deafness due to otitis media
Kali Muricatum
847  Sking lessions due to medicina reaction
848  False labor pains
Vibrunum Op.
849  Antidote to all forms of radiation
850  More specific for sprained ankle
Ruta Gravleons
851  One of the medicine for multiple sclerosis
Aurum Metallicum
852  Niacin Defficiency
853  Jaundiace after blood transfusion
Crotalus Horridus
854  Humid asthma
Naturm Sulphuricum
855  Chronic of pulsatilla
856  Bad iffects of tobacco chewing
Arsinum Album
857  Pains are sharp, cutting, all better by motion
Kali Group
858  King of Polio
859  Shining face impotency and prostatic dribbling
860  Vomitting and cold blue dry skin
861  Offencive breath in pubertal girls
Aurum Metallicum
862  Piles without constipation
863  Intestinal paralysis
864  Antisocial behaviour
865  Anal fissures in infants
Kali Iodatum
866  Carries thing from one place to another and then brings back.
Magnesium Phosphate
867  Aversion to the odor of one's own body
868  Remedies leading in sterelity
All the above
869  Rheumatism aggrevated in humid weather
Kali Carbonica
870  Prorisis in children
Calcarea Carbonica
871  Pain worse during night --- Medorrhium Pain worse during day --- Syphlinum
872  Sepia is always given in
873  Complimentary of Kali Bichromate
Arsenum Album
874  Every muscle of the body twitch
875  Arthritic robles with urinary symptoms
Benzoic Acidum, Berbaris Vulgaris
876  Following is a compound of Silicea and Calcarea Flourica
Lapis Albus
877  Terminal stage of TB
878  Giddiness of elderly people
Bellis Perenis
879  Pathological for tuberculor Gland
880  Arthritis
Morgan Bacillus
881  Retention of urine after surgery
882  Cough of influenza
Ammonium Carbonicum
883  Sits on one place for 3-4 days during headache
Conium Maculatum
884  Backache with obesity
Kali Carbonicum
885  Scitia worse sitting but better lying
Ammonium Muricatum
886  Modosites of joints in gouty patients
Ammonium Phosphoricum
887  Cancer of lower lip
Antimonium Muricatum
888  Legs fall sleep
Narcissus Pseudonarcissus
889  Pot belled young girls arriving at the age of puberty.
890  Rapid alterating of mental symptoms, ie. From laughter to weeping etc
Crocus Sativa
891  Gout aggravated by cold weather
892  Leucorrhoea instad of menses
893  Ulceration of tongue, gums and mouth
Cornus Circinata
894  Constant dropping of blood from anus
895  Headache and loss of hair
Antimony Crudum
896  Obstinate retention of urine
Apium Graveolens
897  Asthma, digitalis of lungs
898  Pot bellied young girls arriving at the age of puberty
899  Rapit alteration of mental symptions, from anger to laugher.
Crocus Sativa
900  Hysteria
901  Glaucoma
902  Diuretic in dropsy
Argentum Phosphoricum
903  Suppressed urination
904  Darting pain in eyes after operation
Asarum Europum
905  Red pimles in girls
Asteria Rubens
906  Leucaemia
907  Phthisical (damaged cornea) children
Beta Vulgaris
908  Enlarged liver and spleen in children
Calcarea Arsenate
909  Color blindness
Carbon Sulphate
910  Constant Yawning
911  Pain in the back followed by leucorrhoea.
912  Loss of appetite
Iodium 6x
913  Anaemia
914  Tubercular Meningitis
915  Erysepelas
916  After urination, patient feels that a drop of urin is still lying inside
Kali Bromatum
917  Vertigo aggrevated by least motion of head
918  Panaritium
Silicea, Myristica
919  rectum; haemorrhoids; during pregnancy;
Lycopodium Clavatum
920  Trigeminal neuralgia -- Right Sided
Magnesium Phosphate
921  Folliculitis
Both B and C
922  Weakness of lower limbs. Paralysis of legs and feet due to heart ailments
923  A medicine made from Plaster of Paris
Calcarea Sulphurica
924  Ignatia patient is of which temperament.
925  Which Patient cannot Walk on uneven ground.
926  Zincum Metallicum Patient Complaints of ravenous hunger at which time.
11:00 A.M
927  Joe De Livera from Sri Lanka made this medicine very famous.
Arnica Montana
928  Which medicine is not included in Joepathy
Helix Hedera
929  A proven anti aging medicine
Arnica Montana
930  A famous medicine for near sightedness
931  A combination of Stomach and Urinary problems.
Lycopodium Clavatum
932  Feeling as if heart beat throughout the chest. Endocarditis, with extreme orthopnea. Sensation as if heart ceased beating, then starting very suddenly.
Convallaria Majalis
933  Trigeminal neuralgia -- Left Sided
934  Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)....First med to think of:
935  A patient had open heart surgery, his leg arteries were used to make bypass. The leg swelling is not going away because of the disruption in the circulation of the blood. Which is the wellproven medicine in this case?
Arnica Montana
936  Slow in answering. Thoughtless; staring. Involuntary sighing. Complete unconsciousness. Picks lips and clothes.
Hellebores Niger
937  The wandering pains go downwards, down the arms, down the back and down the legs; from the shoulder to the fingers, and from the hips to the toes.
Kalmia Latifolia
938  Following remedies should not used in the case of fever.
Kali Group
939  All snake poisons are indicated for hemorrages. Which one is the exception
940  Left-sided mumps. Sense of suffocation;
941  Discharge of sharp, burning water. Stoppage at night, with long-continued coryza. Cannot breathe through nose. Snuffles of children. Epistaxis after washing and after eating. Ozæna, blows bloody mucus from nose. Tip of nose congested.
Ammonium Carbonicum
942  Sensation of wet cloth on the back
Abies Canadensis
943  Feeling of boiled egg lodged in the cardiac end of the stomach.
Abies Nigra
944  Indicated for lungs of old people, with chronic catarrhal condition and enfeebled pulmonary circulation, attacks of suffocation at night with difficult cough. Suffocative catarrh.
945  Angina pectoris, with suffocation, cold sweat, and ever-present iron band feeling.
Cactus Grandiflorus
946  Chronic prostatic discharge.
947  A good medicine during the course of chemotherapy
Echinacea Angustifolia
948  Violent peristaltic movements. Tendency to sleep after eating.
Fel Tauri
949  Mitral Regurgitation with broken down compensation. Myocarditis with some degree of mitral insufficiency.
Galanthus Nivalis
950  Sense of constriction is characteristic. Sensation as if a bar lay across chest. Angina pectoris.
Haematomoxylon Campechianium
951  Numbness and tingling in left hand and arm. Whole body sore, lame and trembling.
Iberis Amara
952  Saliva viscid, like white of egg. Dryness. Free salivation, with profuse sweating.
Jaborandi (pilocarpus Microphyllus)
953  Intolerable itching, worse undressing.
Kalium Arsenicosum (kali Arsenicum)
954  Marked anæmia with profound prostration. It causes a decrease in the number, and destruction of red blood corpuscles.
Zincum Metallicum
955  Soles of feet sensitive. Steps with entire sole of foot on floor.
Zincum Metallicum
956  Pain over eyes, throbbing pressure over nose, pressure in forehead; head seems divided
Xantoxylum Fraxineum
957  Constant clearing and hemming. Dry, posterior nares; no relief from clearing. Throat feels swollen; epiglottis dry and burning. Difficult swallowing. Constant desire to swallow saliva. Uvula feels elongated.
Wyethia Helenoides (wyethia)
958  Casts and blood in urine. destroys toxin in the blood
Vanadium Metallicum
959  Dull headache deep in the brain
Upas Tieut (upas Tiente)
960  Produce nephritis, diabetes, degeneration of the liver, high blood pressure and dropsy.
Uranium Nitricum
961  Medicine to remember: Easy Delivery
962  Medicine not to be used during pregnancy:
A, B and C
963  Air sickness
Belladonna,Aconitum, Arnica
964  Sea sickness
Cocculus Indicus
965  A remedy for pruritus
966  Prostatis, Nephritis with BP
967  Arrested growth due to pituitary dysfunction
Calcaria Carb & Thyroidinum
968  Medicine produced from Crushed live red ants
Formic Rufa
969  Medicine called Spanish Fly for its action on urinary and sexual organs
970  Search for soft place on bed. Everything on which he lies seems too hard.
Arnica Montana
971   Indicated remedy for asthenopia
Kali Carbonicum,Ruta, Belladonna
972   Indicated remedies for astigmatism
Gelsemium, Lilium Tig.Physostigma
973  Optical illusions Objects appear white
Chloral Hydrate
974  Optical illusions Objects appear green
Digitalis, Osmium, Phosphorus
975  Aggravation at 12 midnight, 1.A.M. or 2 A.M.
Arsenicum Album
976  Bathing in Sea aggravates
Magnesia muriatica
977  Remedy for Locomotor Ataxia
Both B & D
978  Atony of Pelvic, Abdominal Musculature
979  Remedy for wasting spinal marrow
980  A medicine for liars.
Connium Mac
981  Remedy for jealousy due to suspicion
982  Remedy for jealousy due to pride and strong urge to kill
983  A remedy for cancer of liver; despondency is major mental symptom
Carduus Marianus
984  Remedy for cancer of stomach, prostrate gland and carcinoma ventriculi
Cadmium Sulph
985  A nosode to be given in the beginning of cancer treatment
986  Scratching on silk or linen, rattle of paper unbearable. Thought of Scratching itself disagreeable.
Asarum Europaeum
987  While lying on right side feels contents of body were being dragged to that side
988  Eratomania with increased desire to commit suicide
989  A remedy for Nymphomania
990  Depression due to low sexual vitality, impotence
Agnus Castus
991  Teething with sour green watery stools in children
992  Diarrhea during dentition
993  A remedy for Haemoptysis due to vulvular heart disease
Lycopus virginicus.
994  A remedy for thyroid enlargement in obese subjects
Fucus Vesiculosus
995  Warts on little finger
Natrum Sulph
996  Remedy for nail biting in children
Natrum Mur
997  A preventive for Bilharziasis.
Caeruleum methylenum
998  A remedy for homosexuality
Natrum Mur 1000
999  Remedy for home sickness
a b & c
1000  Unwanted hair
Oleum Jec
1001  An oxygen carrier and a catalizer which increases Haemoglobin
1002  Constipation of the most aggravated kind. No desire for stool for days. Violent ineffectual urging to stool. No ability to expel stool. Marble-like masses pass, but rectum still feels full. Itching after stool. Itching in anus. Long lasting pain and smart
Alumina (Alum)
1003  Causes turmoils in circulation
Aconite nap
1004  Fever with convulsions
Aconite nap
1005  Constipation before and after menses appear
1006  Patient vomits in any postion except lying on right side
Antim Tart
1007  Stools passes better while standing
1008  Great indignation about things done by others and by himself
1009  Very forgetful begins a sentence forgets what he intends to speak
Cannabis indica
1010  Epilepsy caused by fight of occurring at menstrual period
Arg nit
1011  Headache from Ironing
1012  Fistula in ano, alternate with chest symptoms
All of them
1013  Eyes water all the time and are agglutinated in the morning
1014  Dreams of being arrested
Mag Car
1014  Dreams of being arrested
Mag Car
1018  Sudden urge to urinate child jumps up and down.
Petroselinum sat
1017  Can urinate only when lying
1019  Acts on the nails and bones
Castir Eqyu
1020  a large quantity of viscid blood-like fluid collects in the vicinity of the wound.
1021  Coppery eruptions
Carbo Animalis
1022  Hairs falling in bunches
1023  Which one is a deadly poison
1024  Acne rosacea
Carbo Animalis
1025  test
Crataegus Oxyacantha (crataegus)
1026  Desire For Cold Milk
1027  Fever paroxysm returns at 11 a. m. and 11 p. m
Cactus Grandiflorus
1028  Headache: intense, as if thousands of needles were pricking the brain.
Tarentula hispanica
1029  Herpes circinatus in isolated spots on upper part of body
1030  Nasal discharge and sneezing due to pollution or smoke.
1031  Alcoholic hangover.
Arnica Montana
1032  depression
Sepia Officinalis (sepia)
1033  Muscular pain
Magnisium Phos
1034  what cell salts(Combine or single) can be taken for testicular atrophy with azzospermia A. Calc .Flour B.Kali Phos C. Natrum Phos D.Calc. Phos
Asclepias Cornuti (asclepias Syriaca)
1035  Bloating is almost immediate after eating.Especially foods with salt in them.
Bovista Lycoperdon (bovista)
1036  temporal mandibular jpoint sybdrome
Pertussinum (pertussin)
1037  temporal mandibular joint syndrome
Triosteum Perfoliatum
1038  how we can improve good cholestro-HDL through diet
Baptisia Tinctoria (baptisia)
1039  what is the treatment for cirvical spondolosis
Ruta Graveolens
1040  Is there any medicin in Homeopathy to return the Virginity?
Platanus Occidentalis
1041  Homoeopathy introduce in India during the ruling of:
Maharaja Ranjit Singh
1042  Uncontrolled Heavy dantruff,white dry scalling and more hair falling
Fluoricum Acidum
1043  piles
1044  Any treatment for Left Knee Pain on Walking
Aquilegia Vulgaris (aquilegia)
1045  Irregular periods, ovarian cysts, want to be pregnant
Cucurbita Pepo
1046  Constant belching,globus hystericus,ball sensation in the throat,bursting sensation in the vurtex.
Rock Water [bach Flower Remedy]
1047  Thirst for cold water, little and offten desire for apples, fruits and acide generally.
Antimonium Tartaricum
1048  palipitations
Calcarea Iodata
1049  pulse rate high & low
Tellurium Metallicum (tellurium)
1050  sneezing
Gossypium Herbaceum (gossypium)
1051  secondary infertility
natrum mur
1052  medicine for pilondial sinus and dose pl.
Vervain [bach Flower Remedy]
1053  .Dr. Hahnemann proved 99 drugs in his life time, which drug from the following caused urethritis.
1054  .Dr. John Martin Honigberger spread Homoeopathy in India. His popularity spread by curing Maharaja Ranjit Singh for his vocal cord paralysis. Which medicine cured his ailment?
1055  Tinospora cordifolia is an Indian drug and have named as Indian Quinine. What is the common name of this drug?
1056  .Cinnaberis is a drug indicated for very fiery red looking ulcer and pain in lachrymal duct. It belongs to which group.
1058  Which of the following drug has much features of Acute Myocardial infarction.
Latrodectus Mactans
1057  Which of the following drug has no desire for bitter food.
1059  Which arrangement is not correct.
Bryonia---- Compositae
1060  Torticollis will be found in which chapter of Kent’s repertory.
External throat
1061  Which test will be helpful for detection of cancer prostate.
1062  Gullein Barre syndrome – it affects the nervous system & respiratory system --it causes.
Ascending muscle weakness
1063  Intolerance to sweet –can be found in which chapter of Kent’s repertory
1064  Father of Repertory Boenninghaussen was of which profession.
1065   Dr. Hahnemann’s 1st book on Homoeopathy was Fragmenta de viribus medica mentorum positivis published in the year 1805. It includes 27 drugs, which drug was not included from the following drugs.
1066  Dr. C.Herring –American Physician, who was converted to a Homoeopath, after recovery from the gangrene of fore finger of right hand by homoeopathic treatment. Which medicine cured his gangrene?
1067  dizziness
Scrophularia Nodosa
1068  Under active thyroid problem
1069  what are the medicines in homeopathy for treating soft tissue sarcoma especially clear cell sarcoma affected in the thigh region
Equisetum Hyemale (equisetum)
Tarentula Cubensis
1071  How many drops and at what frequency one could give of 1M ledum Pal medication?
Salicylicum Acidum
1072  which is the remedy work mostly for constipation & inactivity of rectum ?
Oenanthe Crocata
1073  which is the remedy work mostly for enlargement of spleen in thalassemia patient.
Anemopsis Californica
1074  when i get up in the morning and go to Office, i really feel my right eye to be very dead type. its a diiferent feeling. i ignored it in the past thinking of it as weak eye sight. but now i am very worrried becoz i recently found squint in my right eye.

1075  Female, 31years,5'2" tall, weight 51 kg, unmarried. periods are always regular...28 days cycle...since last 5 years flow has reduced gradually from 5 days to 3 then 2 and now 1 day... brown spotting 1 day before period starts. All blood test e2, prolactin
1076  how can we choose potency
Natrium Nitricum (natrum Nitricum)